Explore the internal anatomy of the David's head slice by meaty slice

Artist Cao Hui likes to infuse inanimate objects with bits of human-like flesh, muscles, organs, and bone. In a recent series, Hui remakes classic sculptures with human anatomies beneath their stoney exteriors and cuts them up, shifting our eye from the outside of the sculpture to the red stuff inside. » 6/02/13 8:30am 6/02/13 8:30am

(Almost) All of Star Trek's Comic Book Adventures Come To DVD

Just in time for those of us making very early holiday gift lists, TrekMovie has news of the ideal present for the comic-book-reading Star Trek » 8/07/08 6:30am 8/07/08 6:30am fan in your life. Especially if that happens to be yourself: A DVD compilation spanning 35 years (and five publishers) of four-color voyages called .Produced by GITCorp, the…

More Battlestar Than You Thought Coming Your Way

While we may not know exactly what to expect in the final ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica » 8/01/08 8:40am 8/01/08 8:40am - well, apart from shooting, that is - we now know that we can expect more of it than usual. Talking to reporters at Comic-Con, executive producer David Eick admitted that the final episodes of the show may run slightly…