David Attenborough Just Kicking It With A Flying Swan Is The Best

Here's your daily dose of general adorableness: HD footage of a swan flying within arm's reach of David Attenborough, who is chilling on a boat, narrating and cooing and chuckling and just taking it all in, man. » 1/09/15 1:05pm 1/09/15 1:05pm

How Do We Deal With The Failings Of Our Science Heroes?

Science, it's important to remind ourselves, is performed by people; and people are chronically fallible. All scientists fail, and not always honorably. The question Ben Lillie, master of ceremonies at the always-excellent Story Collider, poses, is this: What do you do when our heroes misstep, misspeak, or are… » 1/08/15 4:40pm 1/08/15 4:40pm

Massive Collection of Ancient Amber Finally Gives Up Its Secrets

In the late 1950s, an entomologist named Milton Sanderson collected some 160 pounds of 20 million year old amber in the Dominican Republic. Now, 50 years later, that amber is finally giving up its secrets, including a fascinating insect named for David Attenborough. » 7/31/14 5:02pm 7/31/14 5:02pm

And Now, David Attenborugh Astride a Hungry, Hurdling, Bipedal Shark

"You name it. I'll paint it. On Paint." That's the motto of MS Paint artist Jim, founder of Jim'll Paint It. Recently, someone asked Jim to paint "a picture of David Attenborough sitting proudly atop a great white shark which has somehow evolved legs and is winning the men's 400 metre hurdles having eaten the other… » 5/24/14 4:00pm 5/24/14 4:00pm

What's Your Favorite David Attenborough Moment?

The BBC will celebrate the life and work of Sir David Attenborough all next week, with its creatively titled #AttenboroughWeek. To help kick things off, the folks at EarthUnplugged asked a bunch of YouTubers to share and discuss their favorite Attenborough moments. » 4/18/14 5:06pm 4/18/14 5:06pm

Sir David Attenborough gloriously narrates a round of Olympic Curling

If you are mystified by the sliding and sweeping sport that is curling, Sir David Attenborough is here to help. BBC Radio 1 convinced the naturalist to narrate a few moments with Great Britain's Olympic curling team as if it were a nature documentary. » 2/19/14 8:40am 2/19/14 8:40am

This is the most disturbing animal behavior David Attenborough has seen

Yesterday, naturalist Sir David Attenborough participated in a reddit AMA, answering questions from the reddit community. One thing that he revealed during the Q&A was the most upsetting thing he has witnessed in his career: chimpanzees hunting monkeys. » 1/09/14 11:40am 1/09/14 11:40am

We are not the boss of natural selection. It is unpwnable.

Last week, David Attenborough told The Guardian that humans "have put a halt to natural selection," and with it our genetic and physical evolution. In this expertly crafted rebuttal, University of Rhode Island anthropologist Holly Dunsworth explains why he's wrong. » 9/16/13 8:25am 9/16/13 8:25am

Björk and David Attenborough team up for science!

It seems like an unlikely pairing, but quirky singer-songwriter Björk is teaming up with David Attenborough, the famous English broadcaster and naturalist. Together, the two are working on a documentary about the intersection of art, music, the environment, and technology. » 7/25/13 9:00am 7/25/13 9:00am

Watch this squirrel deliver the greatest "oh sh*t" face in the history…

David Attenborough narrates as a leopard blows its cover, and a squirrel delivers one of the animal kingdom's greatest "oh shit" faces since dramatic chipmunk. » 1/24/13 8:45am 1/24/13 8:45am

Bill Nye, David Attenborough, Richard Alley and Isaac Asimov sing about…

The latest Symphony of Science video is out, and it's all about climate change and global warming. This latest video, created by musician/producer John D Boswell, the is everything we've come to expect from the series: auto-tuned, quirky, catchy and loaded with great footage and audio of icons from both science and… » 9/14/12 3:40pm 9/14/12 3:40pm

A tortoise romances a shoe. David Attenborough narrates. You're welcome.

There are no words to describe the sight of an oversexed tortoise attempting to make vigorous, insistent, and surprisingly vocal love to a Crocs clog. Unless you're David Attenborough, who manages the task with impressive ease. [Spotted on Laughing Squid] » 6/04/12 4:20pm 6/04/12 4:20pm

Apparently some spiders hunt in packs. You've been warned.

Arachnophobes can usually take comfort in the fact that spiders are solitary creatures. The vast majority of the almost 40,000 known arachnid species have pretty miserable social skills, so they tend keep mostly to themselves. » 5/11/12 1:40pm 5/11/12 1:40pm

David Attenborough looks tiny beside the world's biggest moth

And with good reason. Sure, this Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) may be looming in the foreground of the photograph, but at close to a foot across, its wingspan is bigger than Attenborough's entire face no matter where it's positioned. That's pretty impressive for an organism with an adult lifespan of less than two weeks (… » 3/07/12 9:40am 3/07/12 9:40am

Listen to an Auto-Tuned David Attenborough and Bill Nye croon about…

The latest Symphony of Science track is out, and it is a doozy. Listen to David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye get their rave on for evolution. Who knew synths intermingled with amoebas on the Tree of Life? Hat tip to Krakenstein2! » 1/17/12 2:35pm 1/17/12 2:35pm

David Attenborough's rendition of "It's a Wonderful World" is a…

Got a bad case of the Mondays? The dulcet tones of Sir David Attenborough are just what you need to get out of your funk and back on your feet. Here's to the week ahead, everybody! » 12/12/11 8:30am 12/12/11 8:30am

David Attenborough weighs in on the consequences of climate change —…

The final episode of Frozen Planet — the popular new series from the creators of Planet Earth — addresses the impending threat of climate change on the Earth's poles. In the episode, which will air on BBC One on December 7th, narrator David Attenborough is expected to claim that the Arctic could be completely devoid… » 12/05/11 6:40am 12/05/11 6:40am

Watch this penguin resort to adorable thievery to assemble the perfect…

Male Adelie penguins are some of the most conniving little creatures on the planet. And we let them get away with it. Why? Because they're freaking adorable, that's why. » 10/17/11 1:58pm 10/17/11 1:58pm

The BBC has just released a new trailer for Frozen Planet, and it looks…

If you're a fan of the Blue Planet and Planet Earth documentary series, then there's a good chance you've already heard about the forthcoming collaboration between the BBC and the Discovery Channel, Frozen Planet. » 10/01/11 1:00pm 10/01/11 1:00pm