David Cronenberg Says Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrecking Film Criticism

David Cronenberg, director of culty arthouse classics like Videodrome, The Fly and A History of Violence, says film criticism is no longer "effective." And he blames sites like Rotten Tomatoes, that offer aggregate opinions rather than reasoned ideas. » 1/06/15 4:30pm 1/06/15 4:30pm

The Science Fiction And Fantasy Books You Must Not Miss In September

September 2014 might just be the craziest month for new science fiction and fantasy books we've ever seen. We had a nearly impossible time whittling down our list of the month's most essential new titles. But here are 23 books that you absolutely cannot afford to miss this month. » 9/02/14 4:00pm 9/02/14 4:00pm

10 Movie Remakes We're Glad Never Happened

There is a plague of remakes sweeping across the land right now. While some remakes are decent or worthwhile, a lot of them are pointless at best and travesties at worst. And a lot of them are clearly terrible ideas. Here are 10 movie remakes we are overjoyed never got made. » 8/14/14 10:00am 8/14/14 10:00am

The Story Behind Scanners' Unforgettable Exploding Head Scene

The exploding-head scene (you know the one) from David Cronenberg's bloodhappy cheesefest, Scanners, is easily its most iconic. But have you ever wondered how the film's special effects team made the head burst just so? It wasn't pyrotechnics. It wasn't pneumatics. The answer, it turns out, was a lot more… » 7/12/14 3:00pm 7/12/14 3:00pm

Watch the student films scifi directors made before they were famous

Everyone has to start somewhere, and for many directors, that start was in short student films. Let's dive way back into the catalogue of science fiction, fantasy, and horror directors and see the films that they made when they first sat in the director's chair. » 2/06/14 10:10am 2/06/14 10:10am

All the Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in 2014

There's a ton of ambition on display in this year's science fiction and fantasy books. Bestselling authors are stretching out of their comfort zones, and our favorite authors are pushing the boundaries. Plus David Cronenberg has written a book about sex and weird diseases. Here's the ultimate guide to this year's… » 1/10/14 12:03pm 1/10/14 12:03pm

The Most Exciting Stories About Worlds Ruled by One Gender

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then it would be several decades before someone created the space travel technology for men and women to finally meet. Perhaps that's why so many writers, moviemakers and artists have imagined places where only one gender run their worlds. These stories illustrate that… » 11/14/13 12:26pm 11/14/13 12:26pm

What's the absolute best movie remake of all time?

Remakes are like leftovers — sort of warmed over and not as juicy as the original. But every now and then, someone manages to remake a classic movie, and actually bring something new and wonderful to the table. What's the best remake of a science fiction or fantasy movie? » 9/24/13 2:12pm 9/24/13 2:12pm

David Cronenberg wants you to try this creepy new brain implant

David Cronenberg, who scarred the psyches of a generation with movies like Videodrome, Scanners, The Fly, and A History of Violence, is back with this bizarro art project about a mysterious "self improvement" technology called POD. Of course it is designed to network with your brain. » 9/09/13 9:40am 9/09/13 9:40am

10 Cinematographers Who Turned Science Fiction Movies into Great Art

We have tons of love for great directors — but often, when you're marveling at an especially lovely shot, you're partly admiring the work of the cinematographer who lit it and shot it. Often, the same cinematographer has worked on many of your favorite movies. Here are 10 great painters of science fiction films. » 7/02/13 10:20am 7/02/13 10:20am

Warning: This clip will probably put you off sex for a few days

Seriously, don't watch this clip if you were hoping to have a sex life or anything. It's arguably work-safe, but seriously gruesome. » 6/25/13 9:05pm 6/25/13 9:05pm

David Cronenberg explains why his sequel to The Fly got swatted

Last year David Cronenberg revealed that he had penned a sequel to The Fly. But swiftly after this news was released Fox pulled the plug on Cronenberg's project. And now we know why. » 12/14/12 10:20am 12/14/12 10:20am

David Cronenberg's rarely seen 1972 short film about a scientist…

Early in his filmmaking career, director David Cronenberg collaborated with writer Norman Snider on a short film for the Canadian anthology series Program X. After that film, titled Secret Weapons, aired, it was rarely shown afterward, becoming something of a lost film. But thanks to the miracle of the Internet, the… » 11/11/12 10:30am 11/11/12 10:30am

The Biggest Science Fiction Movie Hoaxes (and Scams) of All Time

In Argo, which opens tomorrow, Ben Affleck reconstructs the real-life story of how a CIA operative created a fake science fiction movie to get some diplomats out of Iran. But that's not the only science fiction movie in history that turned out to be a hoax, or a scam. Or a tax shelter. » 10/11/12 12:05pm 10/11/12 12:05pm

Sex, Anarchy, and Robert Pattinson's Hair Haunt David Cronenberg's …

There are two kinds of people who will like five-minutes-into-the-future flick Cosmopolis: People want to take revenge on Robert Pattinson's hair after the Twilight movies, and people who are David Cronenberg completists. Cronenberg's latest film is a spare, unsettling tour of a New York City on the brink of… » 8/23/12 2:53pm 8/23/12 2:53pm

Transformers 3 screenwriter penning remake of Videodrome

Transformers: Dark of the Moon scribe Ehren Kruger is writing a remake of David Cronenberg‘s creepy classic Videodrome. And the studios want a commercial director, Adam Berg, to lens the project. Yep, basically the worst thing ever. » 8/23/12 10:58am 8/23/12 10:58am

13 clips from Cosmopolis show Robert Pattinson's post-apocalyptic…

We're intrigued by the seemingly simple plot of David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis: Robert Pattinson (playing a wealthy Wall Street heir) goes to get a haircut. But like all things Cronenberg, it's going to be infinitely more complicated than that. Just watch this massive collection of sing-song dialogue, and try and… » 8/14/12 8:50am 8/14/12 8:50am

100 Wonderful and Terrible Movies That Never Existed

For every movie that makes it to your local cineplex, there are dozens that never come into existence. In another universe, Mel Gibson directed Fahrenheit 451, Terry Gilliam directed Watchmen, and Batman fought Godzilla. The history of movies is crammed full of weird almost-weres and could-have-beens. A lot of people… » 8/10/12 1:48pm 8/10/12 1:48pm

Would you pay to be infected with diseases from celebrities? The…

Here's the trailer for Antiviral, which was directed and written by David Cronenberg's son, Brandon. It's apparent that the body horror apple didn't fall far from the tree that screams when you nail a birdhouse to it. Starring Caleb Landry Jones (Banshee from X-Men First Class) and set in the near future, Antiviral » 8/09/12 9:05am 8/09/12 9:05am

Genre Directors Who Have Never Made a Bad Movie

The history of science fiction and fantasy at the cinema is littered with wreckage. It's hard enough to make a movie, and nearly impossible to make a good movie. So it's not surprising that even some of the best directors in Hollywood have at least one stinker in their resumes. With The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher… » 7/24/12 1:50pm 7/24/12 1:50pm