Mulder and Scully reveal the dire consequences of hate sperm in this…

The X-Files had some high and lows during its 9-season run, but man, those lows were abysmal. Trying to figure out the Worst Episode Ever of The X-Files is as big a mystery as most of the X-Files themselves. Still, if you had to pick, you probably couldn't do much worse than “Fight Club,” a tale of bad wrestlers,… » 3/15/13 8:30am 3/15/13 8:30am

Gillian Anderson Reveals Kinky Plot of X-Files 3 Movie

Here's a gem we grabbed at the X-Files movie panel at WonderCon yesterday, thanks to intrepid videographer Roger Chang. A fan asks the panel if there are any stories they wish they'd had a chance to explore in X-Files. After David Duchovny hems and haws about how the new movie is sort of exploring Picture of Dorian… » 2/24/08 12:46pm 2/24/08 12:46pm

Chris Carter Says 9/11 Killed X-Files, But America is Ready for It Again

We just got treated to a very brief clip from the new X-Files movie trailer, featuring a group of mysterious FBI types marching across the icy antarctic snows, with Billy Connolly as a mad grayhair in the lead, crying out, "We've found it!" Cut to lightning fast clips of a body being dragged over ice, Scully looking… » 2/23/08 6:24pm 2/23/08 6:24pm