Concept art shows what Paradise Island would have looked like in David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman

David E. Kelley's much-maligned Wonder Woman series for NBC is dead and buried — but that hasn't stopped us from talking about it like some terrible accident you can't turn away from. A new batch of concept art has surfaced, showing off superlady Diana's hometown, Paradise Island. Along with a shot of Steve Trevor… » 2/06/13 1:01pm 2/06/13 1:01pm

Wonder Woman's "Twirl and Explode" is NOT the most ridiculous superhero transformation

Whatever David E. Kelley does with Wonder Woman, it's bound to be more dignified than this. The live-action TV series of the anime Cutie Honey features our heroine shouting "Honey Flash!" and then, well, flashing everybody. She turns ambiguously naked, with sparkles, and then her superhero costume (and wig) appear… » 2/18/11 5:38pm 2/18/11 5:38pm

How To Fix Life On Mars: Bring In PRI's Favorite Son

We've given you the lowdown on the US remake of Life on Mars already, and the word is out: It's going to need a little work. But we think that the problem goes a little deeper than just casting and script - We think that it's going to take some major surgery to make this latest revamp work for an American audience.… » 6/28/08 11:00am 6/28/08 11:00am

Now It Sucks To Time Travel Via Head Injury

The American remake of British time-travel show Life On Mars has only just started airing trailers (with the wacky wa-wa pedal music) and it's already in trouble. According to Entertainment Weekly, David E. Kelley (Boston Legal) is out as executive producer, and ABC is bringing in a new team. Not only that, but the… » 6/09/08 8:00am 6/09/08 8:00am

Ally McBeal Meets Time-Traveling Cop in New Show

As of today, the second season of the time-traveling BBC hit show Life On Mars can be seen on BBC America here in the States, although producer David E. Kelley (who worked on Ally McBeal) is also working on an American version of the show for ABC next season, which probably means we'll have yet another bad adaptation… » 12/12/07 10:00am 12/12/07 10:00am