Is David Fincher's Black Hole movie back on?

With the financial success of World War Z and 12 Years a Slave getting all the critical buzz, Brad Pitt's studio Plan B now has oodles of cash and a lot of leg room to get the rest of their slate done. And gloryosky, that could mean the return of David Fincher's adaptation of the fantastic graphic novel Black Hole. » 10/03/13 3:37pm 10/03/13 3:37pm

Zombie King Kong, Giant Squids and Hordes of Zombies in New Goon

There are only five days left to make a movie of Eric Powell's fantastic comic book The Goon. That's how long remains to the movie's Kickstarter campaign. Only five days! And David Fincher and the folks from Blur Studios are so close to getting the funds needed to finish off their R-rated story reel, that will… » 11/05/12 2:14pm 11/05/12 2:14pm

Exclusive details on David Fincher's Kickstarter campaign for his…

It's been years since we've heard news about David Fincher's adaptation of Eric Powell's paranormal comic The Goon. But now the director, Powell, and the team over at Blur Studio have gone rogue in hopes of making The Goon a reality. Together they've started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of making one massive story… » 10/12/12 7:35am 10/12/12 7:35am

An Exclusive Look at the Making of Dragon Tattoo's Stunning Titles

We're still haunted by the oozing hands that smushed Lisbeth Salander's lovely face in David Fincher's The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's title sequence. But what sort of Dragon Tattoo imagery is hidden amongst all these tangled vines of USB cables and "primordial dream ooze"? We spoke with co-founder of Blur and the… » 1/05/12 11:12am 1/05/12 11:12am

David Fincher explains why his Dragon Tattoo heroine isn't a superhero

We sat down with director David Fincher to discuss the inner workings of the complex character that is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, or Lisbeth Salander. Find out why Fincher is loathe to dub the crime-fighting hacker a superhero, and what his inspiration was for the much-buzzed-about tar titles from this film.… » 12/23/11 12:27pm 12/23/11 12:27pm

David Fincher reveals the operatic title sequence for his Spider-Man…

David Fincher is bringing your favorite Swedish hacker girl Lisbeth Salander to life in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo — but he almost tackled Spider-Man instead. In our exclusive interview, the director told us how he would have handled the web-slinger... and walked us through his operatic title sequence in great… » 12/19/11 11:00am 12/19/11 11:00am

Surprise: Benjamin Button Is Actually Sexy

You may have seen a million pics of Brad Pitt covered in weird old-guy prosthetics, but it turns out he and Cate Blanchett really do bring the sexiness in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Say what you like about David Fincher, he knows how to make a nice lookin' movie, with Pitt and Blanchett swathed in a gorgeous… » 12/08/08 4:54pm 12/08/08 4:54pm

Benjamin Button's Backwards Love Story (And Score) Will Melt Your Heart

David Fincher's new backwards-aging movie is at heart a love story, and the new international trailer for The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button » 11/24/08 9:30am 11/24/08 9:30am reveals the perils of falling in love with someone who ages in reverse. Good deal for you — but bad for them when you get old and wrinkled and they still look hot riding a…

New Benjamin Button TV Spot Has Baby Brad Struggling With Wrinkles And…

The latest TV spot for the world's hottest backwards aging baby is out along with a glowing review from Variety » 11/13/08 11:12am 11/13/08 11:12am. The back-and-forth around David Fincher's flick is driving me a bit mad, we've heard reports of that is , now we're hearing that the flick deserves a basket full of Oscars. While I must admit that the…