10 Time Travel Books That Need To Be Movies Right Now (If Not Sooner)

Time travel is huge at the movies right now. This Friday sees Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and Terminator 5 is coming soon. But as Predestination recently proved, the smartest movies about time warps are often based on literary sources. So here are 10 time-travel books that would make bloody amazing movies. » 2/18/15 10:28am 2/18/15 10:28am

From Lazarus Long To Capt. Jack Harkness: Bisexuality In Science Fiction

Why were there so many bisexual heroes in the 1970s (including Robert A. Heinlein's Lazarus Long), and was bisexuality viewed as "futuristic"? More to the point, why did bi heroes mostly vanish throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and what brought them back? Erotic science fiction author and Circlet Press publisher Cecilia… » 1/21/15 9:47am 1/21/15 9:47am

10 Book Series That Would Make Excellent TV Shows

Nowadays, a lot of the best TV shows are based on books, especially book series. But the amazing thing about science fiction and fantasy books is, there's always more riches to explore. We've barely scratched the surface, in fact. Here are 10 more book series that would make terrific TV shows. » 3/03/14 11:21am 3/03/14 11:21am

10 Science Fiction Novels That Will Definitely Never Be Movies

So they actually did it: They turned the sprawling, insane Cloud Atlas into a movie, one that actually makes the book look straightforward and uncontroversial. It just goes to show, no matter how unconventional or sprawling a book is, there's a way to adapt that sucker into a movie. Except sometimes, no. » 10/30/12 10:00am 10/30/12 10:00am

If you really want to read the end of David Gerrold's Chtorr series,…

Could this be the deciding factor that swings the Presidential election to Barack Obama? Over on Facebook, David Gerrold announced: » 10/15/12 1:03pm 10/15/12 1:03pm

Long lost Star Trek script won't be a fan film, after all

The lost Star Trek script by Norman Spinrad ("The Doomsday Machine") may have been found — but it won't be coming to your screen any time soon. » 4/02/12 8:11am 4/02/12 8:11am

10 Ultra-Weird Science Fiction Novels that Became Required Reading

You want a really weird ride? A science fiction or fantasy epic that stretches your brain like taffy and ties it into strange irregular shapes? Forget television or movies: books are where the really off-kilter stories are told in speculative fiction. » 3/13/12 10:10am 3/13/12 10:10am

Don't Remake These 21 Movies, Film These Books Instead!

There's only one thing Hollywood loves than a movie based on a toy: remakes. Dozens of science-fiction classics are slated for do-overs. But instead of remaking films that were fine the first time, here are 20 books Hollywood should film. » 3/05/10 1:17pm 3/05/10 1:17pm

3 Ways To Meet (And Get Nasty With) Your Opposite-Sex Duplicate

The most frustrating, annoying thing about the opposite sex is that they're not you. Why can't you just meet your exact duplicate — except for sex? You'd be a perfect match. Luckily, science fiction suggests 3 ways it could happen. » 11/13/09 1:53pm 11/13/09 1:53pm

How To Get John Scalzi And David Gerrold To Take Out A Restraining…

John Scalzi and David Gerrold are two of science fiction's most prominent writers. And it turns out they have one other thing in common too: They don't want to read your unproduced screenplay. » 9/16/09 7:30am 9/16/09 7:30am

Seven Things Your Future Self Can Teach You

When you travel through time and space, you're bound to run into yourself occasionally. These meetings can be awkward, embarrassing, or lead to uncontrollable fainting, but there are some things your future self can teach you better than anyone else. » 8/12/09 1:25pm 8/12/09 1:25pm

Get Into Tribble-Related Trouble

David Gerrold, author of the infamous "Trouble With Tribbles" Star Trek episode, has done a charmingly silly video spot about how you can get a free tribble at Comic-Con. And then take weird pictures of yourself with it for him. » 7/16/09 7:30am 7/16/09 7:30am

Amazon.Com Banishes Queer SF Writers To A Null Dimension

Online books retailer Amazon.com erased untold numbers of books with mature or queer themes from its site, apparently in a drive to remove "adult" material. And some science-fiction authors were hit hard. » 4/13/09 7:30am 4/13/09 7:30am

Science Fiction Put Words In Our Mouths

Science fiction doesn't just glimpse the future - it invents the scientific vocabulary of the present, according to an editor from the Oxford English Dictionary, who's listed nine scientific terms that came from science fiction. » 4/07/09 11:00am 4/07/09 11:00am

Science Fiction's Greatest Stolen Ideas

Science fiction is literature of ideas - it's just that sometimes, those ideas are lifted from elsewhere. Some of the genre's greatest creators have gotten ripped off, or been accused of plagiarism. Here's our list. » 3/24/09 2:35pm 3/24/09 2:35pm

10 Movies That Would Make Awesome SF Novels

People often talk about which science fiction books would make good movies. But which movies would make for excellent novels? And who should write them, in an ideal world? » 3/09/09 4:04pm 3/09/09 4:04pm

Long-Suppressed Gay Star Trek Episode Comes Out

David Gerrold, famous for writing the "Trouble with Tribbles" Star Trek episode, also wrote an episode that included gay characters - but it was shot down by Paramount. Now you can watch it online. » 12/18/08 2:38pm 12/18/08 2:38pm

Land Of The Lost Was Cooler Than Lost

J.J. Abrams' Lost returns to television tonight, and you'll finally be able to find out what happens when those crazy Losties leave the island. But we're more interested in another (albeit smaller) group of castaways who were busy trying to get out of their own personal hell over 30 years ago. No, we're not talking… » 1/31/08 11:00am 1/31/08 11:00am

The Star Trek Script They Tried To Kill

You can soon see the story that was too hot for Star Trek: The Next Generation. David Gerrold's AIDS allegory "Blood And Fire" will be an upcoming episode of Star Trek: The New Voyages. Gerrold, writer of "The Trouble With Tribbles" and author of The Man Who Folded Himself, is directing his own script. Still more… » 12/18/07 8:00am 12/18/07 8:00am

Time Travel Means Having Orgies With Your Past Selves

Time-tripping mutant Hiro from Heroes is hardly the first guy to get some trans-temporal love action. But if you want the best-ever time travel sex story, you've got to go back to 1973, when David Gerrold (author of the famous "Trouble with Tribbles" Star Trek episode) published The Man Who Folded Himself. A Nebula… » 12/03/07 1:02pm 12/03/07 1:02pm