The apocalyptic future of Portland, Oregon comes to life in this burning hot teaser trailer

Concept designer David Levy has done design work on games like Assassin's Creed and Tron Legacy - and now he's unleashed this mysterious teaser trailer on the world. It's for a project called Plug, and it's set in an apocalyptic future Portland, full of robots and guns. But we're not sure what else is going on here,… »3/01/11 6:49pm3/01/11 6:49pm

Bigger Than the iPhone, Sex Robots Will Be a "Terrific Service to Mankind"

David Levy, who took home this year's Loebner Prize for most human-like chatbot and famously lost a $5000 bet in 1989 when the computer Deep Thought beat him in a game of chess, has had a keen interest in human-AI carnal relations since writing his 2007 book Love and Sex with Robots. He believes that, as sexbot AIs… »9/18/09 12:30pm9/18/09 12:30pm