This Twin Peaks-Themed Burlesque Performance Was Downright Amazing

Here's a bit of advice, from me to you: If a friend asks if you want to go to a Twin Peaks-themed burlesque show, go. No matter what other plans you may have for that night. It will be totally worth it. Mildly NSFW photos — as in pastied-and-g-string-nudity— below. » 3/23/15 1:30am 3/23/15 1:30am

Showtime Says Twin Peaks Series Still On Despite David Lynch's Comments

Twin Peaks showrunner David Lynch dropped a few ominous statements about the return of his series Twin Peaks on Showtime, but the network insists the show will go on. » 3/17/15 9:00am 3/17/15 9:00am

Special Agent Dale Cooper Will Return To Twin Peaks 

Back in October, the new hit that co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost were bringing back TV series Twin Peaks. And today it's official that Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) will be returning to Twin Peaks along with the show creators. You have our permission to freak out. » 1/12/15 3:15pm 1/12/15 3:15pm

Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Making Of Dune Are Delightfully Trippy

David Lynch's Dune is hardly an ideal adaptation of Frank Herbert's seminal work of science fiction, but the movie does have some truly striking visuals. And there's something magical at seeing Dune's strange models, creatures, and costumes come to life behind the scenes. » 11/11/14 3:00pm 11/11/14 3:00pm

It's Official: Twin Peaks Will Return!

Yes, it's happening. No more vague tweets about a possible return; co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost have come together with Showtime to announce via video that TWIN PEAKS IS BACK!!!!! [UPDATED] » 10/06/14 8:44am 10/06/14 8:44am

David Lynch Toys With Our Hearts, Hints At A Twin Peaks Revival

Today, David Lynch tweeted a very vague hint to the internet masses that Twin Peaks may be returning. *Clutches chest, falls to the ground.* » 10/03/14 2:05pm 10/03/14 2:05pm

This Is The Glossary That Was Given To Audiences Of David Lynch's Dune

Lots of books come with supplemental glossaries, maps, and appendices – but movies? Movies tend to be self-contained. Not so with David Lynch's cinematic adaptation of Frank Herbert's Dune. » 8/16/14 1:00pm 8/16/14 1:00pm

First Screening Of The New Twin Peaks Blu-ray Left Everybody Mystified

Some 90 minutes of deleted scenes and outtakes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me have been compiled into a new Blu-ray release called Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery. Apparently this previously unseen footage helps to answer some of the lingering questions left after that movie. But the first screening left people… » 7/17/14 3:45pm 7/17/14 3:45pm

This Is What David Lynch's Return Of The Jedi Might Have Looked Like

Most people know the story about how George Lucas offered the third Star Wars movie to David Lynch, who turned it down because of Lucas' poor choice of restaurant. Now, a gent named C-SPIT has taken it upon himself to imagine what that movie may have looked like. WARNING: You will have nightmares about Ewoks for weeks. » 5/22/14 5:30pm 5/22/14 5:30pm

The IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade Channels Gilliam's Brazil In The Double

Richard Ayoade might be best known as Moss from The IT Crowd — but he's also the co-creator of the sublime horror spoof Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, and director of the movie Submarine. And now he's crafting a dark doppelganger story, The Double, based on a Dovstoevsky tale. » 4/11/14 3:08pm 4/11/14 3:08pm

The Most Unsettling Perfume Ads, Including Two Directed by David Lynch

David Lynch directs a sensuous commercial for Opium Perfume, in which extreme closeups of eyes and other body parts deconstruct the body you're supposed to be desiring. Weirdly, Lynch's perfume ads are far from being the most unnerving or strange of all the classic scent commercials. » 3/12/14 6:00pm 3/12/14 6:00pm

A Gallery of Never-Before-Seen Concept Art from David Lynch's Dune

After posting my little memoir about working on Dune, a lot of people asked to see more of the pre-production art. I have a couple of hundred images, far more than I could post here, so I decided on a selection that showed how the look of the movie evolved from conception to completion. » 1/31/14 8:40am 1/31/14 8:40am

2014 is the 30th Anniversary of David Lynch's Dune

David Lynch's Dune premiered thirty years ago. Sometime in 1983, I was sitting in my studio, wondering where my next cheeseburger was coming from, when I got a call from Raffaella de Laurentiis' office. "We're making a movie of Dune. We think your paintings of Mars in the book, The Grand Tour, look a lot like Arrakis.… » 1/27/14 1:00pm 1/27/14 1:00pm

Every single coffee and pie scene from Twin Peaks, you're welcome

This might he our favorite supercut to ever grace our computer screen. Slackstory has compiled every single coffee and/or pie scene from the great Mark Frost and David Lynch series Twin Peaks. It's all just so wonderful. » 7/09/13 6:40am 7/09/13 6:40am

Probably The Best "Woman Transforms into Giant Man-Eating Snake" Scene…

By all accounts, Hisss was a massive trainwreck. David Lynch's daughter Jennifer Lynch went to India to film a Bollywood monster movie, and wound up disowning her own film. She also joined Terry Gilliam in the small club of directors who had major documentaries made about their filmmaking disasters. » 10/25/12 6:30pm 10/25/12 6:30pm

Gorgeous Twin Peaks-inspired art exhibit wants you to Fire Walk With Me

This is, excuse me, a damn fine Twin Peaks inspired art exhibit. Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me with this horrifically gorgeous collection of Twin Peaks art! » 4/17/12 1:41pm 4/17/12 1:41pm

Sean Young's video diaries take you behind-the-scenes on David Lynch's …

Take a look at the cast and crew on David Lynch's Dune, narrated by Sean Young and mindbogglingly set to the tune of "The Entertainer." Watch Sting eat lunch with the cast as Young fondly remembers his blue thong. Watch the people of Arrakis dance about in their desert suits. And hear Young wax on about the… » 4/17/12 10:06am 4/17/12 10:06am

Watch David Lynch's amazingly creepy 1991 PSA about New York's rat…

Not all of David Lynch's commercials had the caffeinated zest of his Japanese Twin Peaks coffee ads. In 1991, he collaborated with Eraserhead's director of photography Frederick Elmes on this borderline apocalyptic anti-littering PSA for New York City. You can find much more of Lynch's curious commerical work at … » 3/13/12 12:30pm 3/13/12 12:30pm