A Gallery of Never-Before-Seen Concept Art from David Lynch's Dune

After posting my little memoir about working on Dune, a lot of people asked to see more of the pre-production art. I have a couple of hundred images, far more than I could post here, so I decided on a selection that showed how the look of the movie evolved from conception to completion. » 1/31/14 8:40am 1/31/14 8:40am

Probably The Best "Woman Transforms into Giant Man-Eating Snake" Scene…

By all accounts, Hisss was a massive trainwreck. David Lynch's daughter Jennifer Lynch went to India to film a Bollywood monster movie, and wound up disowning her own film. She also joined Terry Gilliam in the small club of directors who had major documentaries made about their filmmaking disasters. » 10/25/12 6:30pm 10/25/12 6:30pm

Sean Young's video diaries take you behind-the-scenes on David Lynch's

Take a look at the cast and crew on David Lynch's Dune, narrated by Sean Young and mindbogglingly set to the tune of "The Entertainer." Watch Sting eat lunch with the cast as Young fondly remembers his blue thong. Watch the people of Arrakis dance about in their desert suits. And hear Young wax on about the unfortunate… » 4/17/12 10:06am 4/17/12 10:06am

Watch David Lynch's amazingly creepy 1991 PSA about New York's rat…

Not all of David Lynch's commercials had the caffeinated zest of his Japanese Twin Peaks coffee ads. In 1991, he collaborated with Eraserhead's director of photography Frederick Elmes on this borderline apocalyptic anti-littering PSA for New York City. You can find much more of Lynch's curious commerical work at » 3/13/12 12:30pm 3/13/12 12:30pm

What's the deal with David Lynch's unproduced science fiction screenplay …

There are many bewildering enigmas in David Lynch's long career, but one of the most fascinating is his unproduced science fiction screenplay, Ronnie Rocket. Lynch fans have been obsessed with this project for years, even making their own posters and fan videos for it. But Lynch himself seems to be obsessed, too. He's… » 1/04/12 8:00am 1/04/12 8:00am

TV Pilots That Are as Good as Most Summer Movies

The fall TV season is beginning, and that means one thing — you're finally going to get to see the TV pilots that the networks have been sweating over for a year. Most of them will totally suck — even if the shows they launch wind up being good. But a few of them will be amazing, full of killer action and interesting… » 9/12/11 1:46pm 9/12/11 1:46pm