New Doctor Who Cover Brings Fashion, Hand Gestures

Unconvinced that David Morrissey will make a good Next Doctor? The cover to the Christmas edition of Britain's Radio Times may change your mind by demonstrating that, if nothing else, he's got the hand gesture down. Also, Dervla Kirwan channels her best Miranda Richardson as the villainous Miss Hartigan. Click through… » 11/30/08 11:30am 11/30/08 11:30am

Next Doctor Teases Tennant Replacement Rumors

David Morrissey, who's guest-starring in this year's Doctor Who » 11/08/08 7:00am 11/08/08 7:00am Christmas Special as a character called The Doctor, seems to be enjoying the speculation that he will officially take over the role following David Tennant's departure at the end of next year, telling reporters that he's exactly what the show's producers…