Peter Straub's Shadowland is being developed as an "event series" for NBC by David S.

Peter Straub's Shadowland is being developed as an "event series" for NBC by David S. Goyer. In addition producing the project, Goyer will also co-write it with BAFTA-winner Jack Thorne, who is currently adapting The Sandman. Shadowland follows two boys who spend a summer with a magician who may be a sorcerer. [… »10/20/14 7:30am10/20/14 7:30am

David S. Goyer tells us about the Walking Dead episode he's directing

David S. Goyer isn't just shooting a new season of Da Vinci's Demons and (probably) planning the future of Superman on the big screen — he's also taking time out to direct an episode of The Walking Dead this upcoming season. And he told us that this will be a particularly nasty outing for our bedraggled crew. »7/20/13 2:00pm7/20/13 2:00pm

Man of Steel: Worth It Just For The Super-Powered Combat

There's really only one reason to see the new Superman movie: to watch people with superhuman powers pounding the crap out of each other, flying into each other and burninating each other with heat vision. Luckily, The Man of Steel more than delivers on the super-punching front, even as it muddles through in other… »6/14/13 12:00pm6/14/13 12:00pm

No, David S. Goyer is not directing a live-action Hellsing movie

Yesterday, Comic Book Movie reported that David S. Goyer would be tackling a feature film adaptation of the vampire manga Hellsing produced by an independent film company. Bolstered by the film's "official" website and claims of those supposedly involved, a couple of folks have repeated the report. Let's nip this… »12/30/12 12:00pm12/30/12 12:00pm