You Can Play This Music For Your Cat (And Your Cat May Actually Like It)

Cats seem pretty apathetic about a lot of things. You might think music is one of them. But according to a new study, it's not that cats don't care about music – it's that they don't care about YOUR music. So what kind of music do cats appreciate? We're so glad you asked. » 3/04/15 3:40pm 3/04/15 3:40pm

Monkeys Dance Only to Monkey Music — And Metallica

In Close Encounters of the Third Kind, music bridged the gap between worlds, but music may not actually be the key to interspecies communication. Researchers have found that tamarin monkeys don't respond to human music, only music created for monkeys. » 9/02/09 9:20am 9/02/09 9:20am