Riddick director explains how the Necromonger King gets dethroned

How the hell does Riddick manage to screw up his sweet gig as Lord Marshall King Necromonger? How does Riddick fall so far, so fast, to end up on a deserted planet, alone? We asked director David Twohy everything we wanted to know about the new Riddick movie, and he told us a ton. Massive spoilers ahead... » 8/07/13 12:10pm 8/07/13 12:10pm

Why Riddick was easier to make as a brutal R-rated movie

This weekend brought us a brand-new trailer for Riddick, pitting Vin Diesel against a fresh set of alien horrors. Vin Diesel, Katee Sackhoff, and Riddick director David Twohy sat down at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss how Riddick advances the series' mythology and why they wanted to make it an R-rated film. » 7/21/13 9:30am 7/21/13 9:30am

Monsters! Starbuck! Vin Diesel! Our Epic Visit to the Riddick Set!

After almost a decade of cinematic silence, audiences will finally become reacquainted with Vin Diesel's Furyan killing machine in Riddick, the third installment of writer-director David Twohy's film series. We visited the set during filming in March 2012, and talked to the cast and crew. Here's what we found out. » 6/18/13 9:00am 6/18/13 9:00am

Brand new Riddick synopsis unveils the Furyan's new rogues gallery

A brand new official synopsis has been released, revealing tons of details about the brand new Riddick picture. Check it out: » 2/03/12 3:14pm 2/03/12 3:14pm

Would you contribute to a Kickstarter campaign to get the new Riddick…

The Riddick cast and crew have been locked out of their Montreal studio over unpaid bills — and meanwhile Katee Sackhoff has reportedly been offered the role of a Riddick-tailing bounty hunter. So what's really going on with the silver-eyed Furyan? » 11/01/11 11:36am 11/01/11 11:36am

Karl Urban brings the Necromonger awesomeness to the new Riddick sequel?

Vin Diesel and David Twohy's new Riddick sequel just got some great news! Rumor has it Karl Urban is ready to reprise his role as the power-hungry Necromonger Vaako, from The Chronicles of Riddick . Hell to the yes. » 9/26/11 9:30am 9/26/11 9:30am

Tons of Riddick 3 character details reveal new link to Pitch Black

Good news, Furyan fans — David Twohy and Vin Diesel's third Riddick movie has started casting, and new details are leaking out all over! Find out who's coming back from the Underverse right now. » 8/11/11 7:20am 8/11/11 7:20am

Does this new Riddick concept art blame the apocalypse on our favorite…

More news about a potential third Riddick movie: Writer/director David Twohy shared his thoughts, as well as some excellent concept art. Does this mean we're closer to Vin Diesel agreeing to a pay cut so the movie can go forward? » 6/02/11 6:30am 6/02/11 6:30am

Vin Diesel may be willing to take a huge pay cut to play Riddick again

Our favorite Furian shared some good news and some bad news about the new Riddick movie. The good news is, it might start filming this summer. The bad news, Diesel's salary woes may halt the project completely. » 5/25/11 1:30pm 5/25/11 1:30pm

New Riddick movie will feature alien seduction

The director of The Chronicles of Riddick, who is also directing the new Riddick film, took to the internet to answer the fans questions. The good news: it'll be more like Pitch Black, the first film. » 3/07/11 2:42pm 3/07/11 2:42pm

The Next Riddick Movie Aims For R-Rated Gold

Riddick director David Twohy gave the world an update on the eagerly anticipated third Riddick movie. The good news is, both Twohy and Vin aren't settling for any PG-13 nonsense, and the new film will be closer to Pitch Black. » 8/03/09 8:00am 8/03/09 8:00am

Green Lantern Concept Artist Reimagines Star Trek

Brian Murray's concept art helped launch a Green Lantern movie. But his other artwork includes this fantastic alien prison, for a David Twohy film... plus a far different reinvention of Star Trek than J.J. Abrams'. » 3/23/09 3:18pm 3/23/09 3:18pm

Riddick 3 Details Reveal What's Next For Our Furyan

Last we saw of the silver-eyed Riddick he was ruling the Necromonger clan, because you keep what you kill. But in his next movie, where will we find our beloved anti-hero? Spoilers below. » 3/12/09 7:30am 3/12/09 7:30am

Riddick Coming Back To The Big Screen

Soon enough, both Vin Diesel and Twohy wil be explaining to you exactly what a Necromonger is. Your favorite silver-eyed psychopath, Riddick, is coming back. » 3/10/09 5:30pm 3/10/09 5:30pm

Chronicles Of Riddick Is New Lord Of The Rings, Diesel Says

Click to view » 8/25/08 4:24pm 8/25/08 4:24pmMore silver-eyed alien warrior action is coming your way according to the Riddick himself, Vin Diesel. The cold-as-ice Furyan has been living on in the video game world, but it's been four years since we've seen him on the big screen. Diesel revealed that writer/director David Twohy is working on not one,…

Pitch Black Coming Back?

Vin Diesel may be hoping to pull the emergency ripcord on his speedy free-fall out of the limelight. Director David Twohy mentioned on his blog that there might be yet another Pitch Black sequel emerging from the darkness, but that it would be smaller in scale and independently financed. » 11/19/07 10:40am 11/19/07 10:40am