Davros Should Have Stayed Dead In 1975

The BBC recently put out a DVD box-set of its time-travel show Doctor Who, focusing on the mad genius Davros, who created the mad-killing-machine Daleks. That means that every single Davros story is now out on DVD, including the painful "Destiny of the Daleks." And eep, there are a lot of them. Really, Davros only had… » 7/08/08 4:30pm 7/08/08 4:30pm

Doctor Who's Russell T. Davies Is The Gay Michael Bay

After watching last night's Doctor Who episode, I wished for the first time ever that Russell T. Davies would stay on to produce a fifth season of the BBC's time-traveling adventure show. Not because I think a fifth RTD season would be good, but because I'm dying to see how he could come up with a zanier and more… » 6/29/08 3:00pm 6/29/08 3:00pm

Secrets Of Doctor Who's Most Anticipated Comeback

Whole universes could crumble in season four of Doctor Who, just to bring back an iconic character from the show's distant past. At least, that's what one one poster on the Doctor Who Forum claims, based on information from a friend of a friend. (At least he feels embarrassed enough about that to add "yes I know!!"… » 2/22/08 7:20am 2/22/08 7:20am