The great hero of the Doctor Who anniversary special is... John Rawls?

John Rawls was a philosopher who became famous for a thought experiment, in which the only way to reach a fair arrangement is if people don't know which side they'll end up on. This thought experiment is played out in today's Doctor Who special, and it's at the center of the Doctor's own dilemma. » 11/23/13 3:50pm 11/23/13 3:50pm

The Time War is hell in the newest Doctor Who minisode

This second Doctor Who 50th anniversary special prequel short, titled "The Last Day," isn't quite as mind-blowing as the first one, but it does take us to Gallifrey at the very beginning of the Time War. Suffice it to say Steven Moffat is clearly not letting the Time Lords off easy. Any other clues you guys can spot? » 11/20/13 11:05am 11/20/13 11:05am