Doctor Who's Most Surprising Cameo Will Get An Explanation This Fall

One of the biggest surprises of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special was the brief moment that Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor joined all 13 Doctors in saving Gallifrey—but now it looks like the next season of the show will explore that cameo even further, thanks to some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey shenanigans. »7/29/15 5:20pm7/29/15 5:20pm

The great hero of the Doctor Who anniversary special is... John Rawls?

John Rawls was a philosopher who became famous for a thought experiment, in which the only way to reach a fair arrangement is if people don't know which side they'll end up on. This thought experiment is played out in today's Doctor Who special, and it's at the center of the Doctor's own dilemma. »11/23/13 6:50pm11/23/13 6:50pm