18 Upcoming TV Shows That Could Save Small-Screen Scifi

Is science fiction doomed on television? Hell no! Here are 18 TV series in the pipeline that could recharge your love of the fantastical, including alien invasions, dinosaurs, superheroes, time travel, super-spies, government conspiracies, zombies and changelings. Minor spoilers ahead. » 2/22/10 2:30pm 2/22/10 2:30pm

Will NBC's Day One Get A Day Two?

Bad news: NBC's apocalyptic series Day One, which was already downgraded from an ongoing series to a miniseries, has apparently been downgraded again — to a two-hour movie. » 1/11/10 2:10pm 1/11/10 2:10pm

10 Things We're Worried About In 2010

A new year always gives us optimism for what lies ahead over the next 12 months, but that doesn't mean that there's no potential for disaster in there. Here're ten things we're crossing our fingers don't actually happen. » 1/03/10 12:00pm 1/03/10 12:00pm

5 Entertainment Lessons We Hope 2009 Has Taught The Future

With the year almost over, it's time to look back and wonder if 2009 actually left any wisdom for future generations behind in its whirlwind of franchise-maintenance, Obama-adoration* and dream-crushing. Here are some potential morals from the last 12 months. » 12/27/09 12:00pm 12/27/09 12:00pm

Jesse Alexander On Day One, Spaceships And Dungeons & Dragons

This week, Day One creator Jesse Alexander has been guest-blogging with us as part of our "TV Ate My Brain" week. Closing out the week, we talked to him about influences, the future of storytelling, and the importance of D&D. » 8/30/09 12:00pm 8/30/09 12:00pm

Which New TV Show Will Be This Year's My Own Worst Enemy?

Remember My Own Worst Enemy? Neither do we. Every year, there's at least one genre show that flames out before it even makes an impression. Which new show this year is doomed to premature extinction? » 8/24/09 4:40pm 8/24/09 4:40pm

Why Can't We Let Go Of Our Past?

Looking through a copy of the comic catalog Previews recently, I realized how many canceled TV shows have been spun off into ongoing comic series: Buffy, Farscape, Jericho, even Galactica 1980... Why can't we say goodbye to things we love? » 8/23/09 12:00pm 8/23/09 12:00pm

Has NBC Given Up On Sci-Fi?

At an appearance at the Television Critics Association Press Tour this week, NBC's Angela Bromstad said that Kings failed because it was "too highbrow and sophisticated" to sell to their audience. But is that the show's fault, or the network's? » 8/08/09 12:00pm 8/08/09 12:00pm

One Character on Heroes is Dying, Another May Make the Move to Lost

One Heroes character gets a death sentence, a Heroes actor may turn up on Lost, and someone's seen the pilot script for Day One. Plus plenty of spoilers for Fringe, True Blood, The Book of Eli, Chuck, and Eureka. » 8/07/09 6:00am 8/07/09 6:00am

What TV Secrets Are Hidden On Sargasso Planet?

What's happening 224 days from now? Why does no-one else remember classic SF show Sargasso Planet? A new fansite for a possibly fictional TV show from the past may offer hints at one of next year's most anticipated new series. » 7/21/09 6:30am 7/21/09 6:30am

The Middleman Is Part Of Day One's DNA

Javier Grillo-Marxuach created The Middleman, last year's best (and most upbeat) TV show. Now he's moving on to Day One, NBC's series about global Armageddon. Has his Middle-optimism deserted him? We asked him. Minor spoilers ahead. » 7/08/09 12:23pm 7/08/09 12:23pm

Aliens Cause Day One's Global Armageddon

The first big mystery to NBC's Day One series has been solved: what attacked the Earth and caused Doomsday? Well, some sort of big-branched alien thing. Check out the first extended trailer for Jesse Alexander's series. » 7/07/09 5:30pm 7/07/09 5:30pm

Jesse Alexander On What To Expect - And Not To Expect - On Day One

Wondering what to expect from Jesse Alexander's new NBC series Day One? The creator has been talking about the show's influences, format and why it's not as like Jericho as you may have originally thought. » 6/21/09 10:00am 6/21/09 10:00am

The Middleman's Creator Joins The Day One Staff

Great news! Javier Grillo-Marxuach, creator of last year's coolest show, The Middleman, has joined the staff of NBC's post-apocalyptic drama Day One. Now we're way more excited for the show, in which the residents of the same Van Nuys, CA apartment building cope with the end of days. » 5/26/09 11:50am 5/26/09 11:50am

What Your 2009-2010 Network TV Will Look Like

Get prepared to set your long-range TiVos. Now that the networks have all announced their new line-ups, we've got the rundown of where all your favorite (and soon-to-be-favorite) shows will be next season. » 5/23/09 12:00pm 5/23/09 12:00pm

NBC's New Post-Apocalyptic Cast Peeks Out From The Wreckage Of Day One

Everyone is on pins and needles for Day One, the new end-of-the-world series from Heroes writer/producer Jesse Alexander. What's the mysterious cataclysm that ends the world? Meet the new cast and view behind-the-scenes footage. » 5/04/09 1:35pm 5/04/09 1:35pm

NBC Not To Announce Full 2009-2010 Schedule Next Week?

Looking forward to next week's NBC infronts to discover what sci-fi shows will make it to the Peacock network next year, and whether Chuck will make it to a new season? Don't get too excited. » 5/02/09 7:00am 5/02/09 7:00am

What Show Is Your New Battlestar?

It's been a week since Battlestar Galactica finished, and already we're missing the show's blend of politics, soap opera and special effects. Will we ever see its like again? We look at some potential replacements. » 3/28/09 12:00pm 3/28/09 12:00pm

Jesse Alexander On Day One's New Director

Alex Graves has been chosen to direct the pilot for Day One, the new show from Heroes and Lost's Jesse Alexander. Click through to find out why this is good news and get Alexander's take. » 2/13/09 6:30am 2/13/09 6:30am

Life Post-Apocalypse Starts With Day One

Heroes writer/producer Jesse Alexander has gone bleaker with his new pilot, Day One which was just greenlit by NBC — giving network audiences the chance to see what happens after the end of the world. » 1/28/09 6:30am 1/28/09 6:30am