The Most Ridiculous Science Fiction Plots From Actual Soap Operas

Science fiction and fantasy on television have gone full-on soap opera, thanks to shows like Lost, Battlestar Galactica, True Blood, Once Upon a Time and Being Human. But long before genre shows were doing soap-opera storytelling, actual soap operas were featuring totally insane science fiction plots. » 1/26/12 1:12pm 1/26/12 1:12pm

When The Soap Opera Devil Possesses You, You Get Laser-Beam Eyes And…

The Devil possesses Marlena, Days Of Our Lives' plucky doctor, and causes her to manifest powers such as laser-beam eyes and projectile vomit, which coats her longtime love-interest John completely. Greatest soap-opera plot ever. » 4/30/09 5:30pm 4/30/09 5:30pm