In This Week's New Comics, Rocket Raccoon Takes Charge Of The New Guardians Of The Galaxy

It’s all change in this week’s all new comics—Marvel is continuing its “All-New, All Different” reboot with new comics for the Guardians, Captain America, Spider-Gwen, and more. Chewbacca begins his own series. Plus, The Goon returns for Halloween, and Superman has A BEARD! Let’s dig in, shall we? »Yesterday 6:20pm

Mattel Crowdsourced its DC Superhero Girls Doll Designs To Be Less Pretty and Way More Heroic

DC’s new kid-focused, female-led superhero line Superhero Girls is heading to toyshelves soon. A new interview with the range’s designers reveals that first, the toys had to be tweaked to be a bit more heroic: at the behest of the little girls they’re aimed at, as well as a team of “feminists, bloggers, and academics”. »Yesterday 1:30pm

Everything You Need to Know About Earth-2 Before Tomorrow Night's Episode of The Flash

The Flash’s first season was defined by its admirable embrace of some of the Flash’s strangest comic book concepts: the mystery of the Reverse Flash, time travel, the goofy Rogues, and yes, Gorilla Grodd. But its second season is tackling something altogether crazier—the DC comics multiverse. Here’s what you need to… »Monday 4:00pm

Colonel Sanders Battles Himself In DC And KFC'S New Crossover Comic

The DC Multiverse has played a huge role in some of DC’s most ambitious stories: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, other such events with the words “Infinite” or “Crisis” in them. But now the Multiverse is serving as the stage to the greatest battle of all: a dust up between Colonel Sanders and EVIL COLONEL… »10/05/15 3:40pm

In This Week's Comics, There's a High-Fantasy Series We've Waited All Year To Read

It’s a quiet week for new comics—as indicated by a bevy of annuals. But in the midst of this quiet, we’ve got From Under Mountains, one of our must-read comics of the season. On top of that? Agents of SHIELD’s Melinda May gets her own one-off comic! Let’s check out all the new series of the week, shall we? »9/29/15 5:40pm

The Game Has Just Changed In A Major Way For One Of DC's Oldest Superheroes

The Spectre may not be one of DC’s most iconic superhero characters, but he’s certainly one of their oldest, having been around for 76 years. Over those decades he’s gone through some changes and revamps, but in this week’s Gotham By Midnight, Jim Corrigan has been overhauled in a major, legacy-defining manner. »9/24/15 4:55pm

DC's Latest Young Adult Series Turns Wonder Woman, Batman And Superman Into Teen Detectives

DC have been on a bit of a YA kick this year, striving to get younger readers into the vast cadre of DC heroes (and eventually, into the comic books themselves). We’ve got young Lois Lane spinning off in her own book series, but now DC’s big three are getting in on the action... as middle-school kids. »9/23/15 11:00am

In This Week's New Comics, a Village of Animals Is Gripped By the Fear of Aliens Among Them

It’s an incredibly quiet week in new comics... almost too quiet. Such a sinister environ is perfect for the release of Wild’s End: The Enemy Within, the follow-up to the fantastic tale of 1930s anthropomorphic animals holding off an alien invasion (or so they thought!). Let’s dig in and check out whats new in comics… »9/22/15 5:50pm

Rejoice! DC's Awesome Omega Men Comic Has Been Saved From Cancelation!

With last week’s release of December solicitations, DC unveiled a culling of its ongoing comics—eight comics in total were announced as being canceled by the end of the year. But thanks to fans, one of the comics scheduled for cancellation has been saved: The Omega Men, one of DC’s best current comics, lives on! »9/21/15 12:30pm