The Main Character In Paul Dini's New Batman Graphic Novel Is Paul Dini Himself

Legendary writer Paul Dini—known for his work on Batman: The Animated Series, Tiny Toon Adventures, Justice League and countless other shows—is returning to DC to pen a whole new graphic novel for the Dark Knight. The twist, however, is that Batman isn’t the lead character: Dini is, as he recalls trauma from his own… »Yesterday 4:15pm12/01/15 4:15pm


The Future Justice League Has A Much-Needed Replacement For Its Asshole Superman

Sure, the Superman of 2015 might be having his own problems, but in the far flung future of Justice League 3001, Superman’s only real problem is that he’s kind of a massive asshole. This week’s Justice League 3001 #6 helped resolve that problem, by bringing on a much more rounded Super-Family member to sort it out. »Thursday 6:30pm11/26/15 6:30pm

Superman's Horrible Life Just Got Even Worse

If you’ve been following along with the Superman comics recently, you’ll know he’s having a hell of a rough time. He’s been de-powered, the world hates him, and he’s even had to get a new secret identity after Lois Lane outed Clark Kent as the Man of Steel. But it seems like DC aren’t quite done kicking Superman just… »Thursday 11:30am11/26/15 11:30am

The Surprisingly Feminine Core of Dark Knight III

Frank Miller’s Dark Knight series has, for better or worse, been one of the most highly influential pieces of Batman media in decades—and a return to that universe is one that usually could be fraught with danger. But the first issue of The Master Race has some surprising twists to it that leave us wanting to know… »11/25/15 12:20pm11/25/15 12:20pm

On Gotham, a Show Ostensibly About Batman, a Bunch of Killer Monks Invaded an Erotic Massage Parlor

This is not a joke. It’s not a metaphor. This is me not obliquely trying to tell you how ridiculous this show is. This is something that actually occurred on last night’s episode of Gotham, and I can’t think of anything that better conveys the show’s total insanity that simply stating what happened. »11/24/15 11:02am11/24/15 11:02am

The Variant Covers For The Dark Knight III #1 Are A Treasure Trove Of Amazing Batman Art

Tomorrow, Frank Miller’s wildly influential (and batshit crazy) Dark Knight series returns with the unfortunately-named The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Such an event has not escaped DC, and they’re putting out some spectacular variant covers to celebrate—over 50 of them, in fact. So much lovely Batman art! »11/24/15 10:30am11/24/15 10:30am

Batman '66 Was A Shining, Joyous Beacon In The Dark World Of Batman Comics

Until recently, DC desperately avoided any sort of acknowledgement of the classic 1960s Batman TV show. Not only did it not represent who Batman was now—a layered, gritty character—it was viewed as an embarrassment. That is, until Warner Bros. got the rights to merchandise the series, and DC gave us one of the most… »11/20/15 2:30pm11/20/15 2:30pm

On The Flash, Barry’s Worst Enemy Is Himself, But Also a Giant Telepathic Gorilla

“YO. GRODD.” yelled Joe West breathlessly, after he ran into STAR Lans to let Barry Allen and out other heroes know that the giant evil telepathic gorilla that menaced them last season had returned. It was all he needed to say. Really, it’s all I need to say for this recap: Yo. Grodd. »11/18/15 11:00am11/18/15 11:00am

Oh God, Frank Miller Is Going to Write a Dark Knight Returns IV, Too

Dark Knight 3: The Master Race isn’t even out yet, but co-writer Frank Miller has already announced that the trilogy has turned into a quadrilogy. Miller told Newsarama that “after he reads DK3 in full, he intends to create his own fourth chapter” which, frankly, is terrifying on about eight different levels. »11/17/15 6:00pm11/17/15 6:00pm

Why Justice League Unlimited Was, and Still Is, the Best Superhero TV Show

We live in a golden age of superhero television. Hits like The Flash, Agent Carter, Arrow, and Agents of SHIELD dominate our TV screens. We champion them for their ability to bring some of the most mind-melting comic book sagas to TV—but one show did it all before them, nearly a decade ago: Justice League Unlimited. »11/13/15 3:20pm11/13/15 3:20pm

The Fallout of Darkseid War Gives Us The Best Green Lantern Story In Years

In the wake of DC’s recent god-based shenanigans as part of the Justice League comic’s Darkseid War event, we’ve been getting one-off issues exploring how each League member has been dealing with their newfound godhood. In Green Lantern’s case though, his issue ended up showing how much better Hal is without it. »11/12/15 12:45pm11/12/15 12:45pm

The New Superman: American Alien Comic Totally Nails the Vulnerability of Clark Kent

Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis has his own Superman comic now, and while it treads on familiar ground, it promises to be like no other: seven snapshots from Clark’s life as he learns to deal with his superpowers and learns to become a superhero. The first issue leans into the similarity a little too much, but it’s… »11/11/15 11:00am11/11/15 11:00am