"Who Created Caitlin Snow?" DC Entertainment and Creator Equity

Gerry Conway, writer of tons of comic books and co-creator of tons of comic book characters (including Firestorm), wrote a great post on his Tumblr about DC Entertainment’s “creator equity participation,” which paid the creators of characters whenever their characters were used on other media. » 4/30/15 12:00am 4/30/15 12:00am

Disney/Marvel Merger Forces Warners/DC To Jump Start Its Own Superhero Movie Line

Seemingly in response to the Marvel/Disney buyout, Warner Brothers have announced a surprise restructuring, creating its own in-house IP-development company, DC Entertainment. Which means WB might be jump starting its stalled-out superhero movies — hopefully including Wonder Woman. » 9/09/09 12:26pm 9/09/09 12:26pm