New DC Universe trailer puts all real superhero movie trailers to shame

The first cinematic trailer for DC Universe Online made us feel like it was the best superhero movie we'd never get to see in real life. And now this new "Fracture" trailer is just as thrilling — when I realized the identity of the guy in the hood, I freaked. [via Geek Native] » 2/09/11 10:23am 2/09/11 10:23am

The Metallo Smackdown That Smallville Won't Give You

Metallo, the cyborg with the heart of Kryptonite, makes his Smallville debut this Friday — but you won't see the kind of full-on Kryptonian/machine-man battle we feature in this exclusive clip from Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. Not to mention a Bat-intervention. » 9/29/09 1:47pm 9/29/09 1:47pm