Low Budget TV Shows That Are Better Than Most Huge Blockbuster Series

Television has always been an expensive medium, with Lost having an estimated per-episode budget of $4 million, and Game of Thrones clocking in at a whopping $6 million. And sometimes, these hugely expensive shows fail. But here are 10 of the best science fiction and fantasy shows, which were made for surprisingly low… » 1/13/15 1:32pm 1/13/15 1:32pm

The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Reality TV

If you've ever watched an episode of reality TV series Big Brother » 10/29/08 6:53pm 10/29/08 6:53pm or or and wished everybody involved would just get ripped apart by rampaging zombies, then you're about to feel seriously awesome. The UK miniseries started airing this week, and it's all about what happens to the cast and crew of Big Brother when…

First Look at "Dead Set," the Ultra-Dark Zombie Satire of Reality TV

The website for British series Dead Set » 9/02/08 10:47am 9/02/08 10:47am has just gone live with a trailer for the miniseries, about what happens to a group of reality TV players during an all-out zombie attack. because it's produced by the same group that does wildly popular reality TV show Big Brother, on the Big Brother sets. Even better was…

Zombies Invade, and the Only Safe Place is a Reality TV House

Though some might say that zombies already inhabit reality TV shows like Britain's smash hit Big Brother, a new show called Dead Set is taking that claim to the next level. Produced by the same company that makes Big Brother, the (fictional, scripted) show takes place in the Big Brother house as massive zombie… » 8/22/08 1:51pm 8/22/08 1:51pm