Low Budget TV Shows That Are Better Than Most Huge Blockbuster Series

Television has always been an expensive medium, with Lost having an estimated per-episode budget of $4 million, and Game of Thrones clocking in at a whopping $6 million. And sometimes, these hugely expensive shows fail. But here are 10 of the best science fiction and fantasy shows, which were made for surprisingly low… »1/13/15 4:32pm1/13/15 4:32pm


First Look at "Dead Set," the Ultra-Dark Zombie Satire of Reality TV

The website for British series Dead Set »9/02/08 1:47pm9/02/08 1:47pm has just gone live with a trailer for the miniseries, about what happens to a group of reality TV players during an all-out zombie attack. because it's produced by the same group that does wildly popular reality TV show Big Brother, on the Big Brother sets. Even better was…