How A Terminal Illness Can Change Your Perception Of Time

Last week, Paul Kalanithi – a writer and new dad, who recently completed his residency in neurosurgery at Stanford – died from metastatic lung cancer. In this video, released last month, Kalanithi addresses the "strange relativity" that accompanied his diagnosis. » 3/17/15 1:25pm 3/17/15 1:25pm

Oliver Sacks On Learning He Has Terminal Cancer

Neurologist and science popularizer Oliver Sacks — author of such books as Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat — has written a poignant and touching op-ed in the The New York Times to reflect on the recent news that he's dying of cancer. » 2/19/15 7:30am 2/19/15 7:30am

Dad Says He's Mourning His Son; WoW Community Rushes To Help

Everyone deals with death in different ways. For one man, the best way to navigate a son's death was to try to dive into his son's interests. » 1/28/15 2:07pm 1/28/15 2:07pm

Woman's Decomposing Corpse Found Chilling In Family Home a Year Later

Here's some A Rose for Emily shit for your Wednesday: Police in Gloversville, New York, found something horrifying while doing a routine welfare check on a 94-year-old-woman—her rotting corpse, likely decomposing for more than a year. And there's a twist. » 1/07/15 1:24pm 1/07/15 1:24pm

At The End Of The World, A Robot Becomes Best Friends With Death

On a dying world, the cloaked personification of Death and a robot have one thing in common: They're both extremely bored. But when they finally dare to come out of hiding and meet one another, they change not only each other, but their world. » 1/06/15 1:30pm 1/06/15 1:30pm

Study: There's a Lot of Fucking Death in Children's Cartoon Movies

Kids movies have a bad rep for, well, death. Watch pretty much any Disney movie: does the main character have two parents? One of 'em's about to make an unfortunate and tragic exit. A new study has compared children's animated movies to more adult films and when it comes to murder and violence, kids films can… » 12/20/14 6:09pm 12/20/14 6:09pm

I Was Chris Benoit: Playing A Video Game As A Real-Life Murderer

Seven and a half years ago, one of the most acclaimed pro wrestlers of all time, Chris Benoit, murdered his wife and his seven-year-old son. He then killed himself. Today, some gamers want to play as Chris Benoit in a wrestling video game and keep trying to make that happen. The company behind the game doesn't… » 12/12/14 3:07pm 12/12/14 3:07pm

This Funeral Director Can Teach You A Lot About Embracing Death

Caleb Wilde, a sixth-generation mortician and creator of the hugely popular blog Confessions Of A Funeral Director, has a unique perspective on death – but he's trying to change that. » 12/07/14 10:00am 12/07/14 10:00am

Video Games Helped Me Say Goodbye To My Father

A few days before my dad died in August, I got the call I'd been dreading from my mother. She told me it was time to come home for my dad's last days. I live in California, and they live in Alabama. I packed up my PS4, super slim PS3 and PS Vita—alas, my desktop PC was too big—and made the journey. » 11/28/14 6:41pm 11/28/14 6:41pm

You're Going To Freak Out When You See Young Felicity Smoak On Arrow

We all know that this week's episode of Arrow is titled "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak," and will reveal... well... the secret origin of Felicity Smoak. Turns out the computer whiz used to be a goth girl, but wait until you see her. I'll say this: She looks Endlessly awesome. » 11/04/14 8:40am 11/04/14 8:40am

3 Hours of Tongue-Pulling Was a Real Option to Check Mortality in 1848

Courtesy of the wonderful QI Elves on Twitter, here's a graphic showing real entries in an 1848 contest for the best way to determine if someone was really dead or not. It's so good that they had the competition, how would anyone have come up with "check for heartbeat with a stethoscope" otherwise? » 10/31/14 5:00am 10/31/14 5:00am

In Just 5 Panels, This Comic About Life And Death Will Melt Your Heart

This comic by Construction Paper and Tears is short and simple, but no less affecting. It serves as a miniature picture book, recasting the dance of life and death as a romance. Go read it and have a good sigh. » 10/22/14 12:20pm 10/22/14 12:20pm

Awareness Can Continue For Several Minutes After Clinical Death

The biggest ever scientific study of near-death experiences shows that awareness can continue for a surprisingly long duration after the brain has shut down completely. The finding suggests that these experiences are more than just hallucinations — and that our definition of clinical death should probably be revised. » 10/08/14 12:40pm 10/08/14 12:40pm

How To Kill In The Sims 4

Sims are much harder to kill in The Sims 4, the latest edition of EA's famous people simulator. Oh, but they can die. It just requires a bit more tact on the player's part. If you've been having a hard time tormenting your virtual pets, here are some tips to help you help them shuffle off their mortal coil. » 9/25/14 6:16pm 9/25/14 6:16pm

Why Has the Population of Russia Suddenly Declined by 7 Million People?

Something bizarre is happening in Russia. Between 1997 and 2007, the population declined by 7 million, or 5 percent. These numbers are enormous — they are comparable to wartime losses. What is causing this shocking death toll? » 9/04/14 1:34pm 9/04/14 1:34pm

Barbie's Dream Hearse Available To Rent For Barbie's Funeral

Things we did not know existed until today: Barbie's Dream Hearse, which is perfect to ferry Barbie from her Dream House to the Dream Morgue, and then the Dream Cemetery Plot or wherever her preferred resting place is. What a fun thing. » 6/30/14 11:53am 6/30/14 11:53am

Economic Downturn Connected to Rise in Depression and Suicide

Setbacks on the job or with your bank account can definitely leave you feeling bad. So what does a widespread economic recession do to a nation? According to a new study, it's correlated with a rash of suicides. » 6/12/14 6:00pm 6/12/14 6:00pm

What Should We Do with the Online Undead?

The Internet has given us a kind of digital afterlife, where our online activities can be preserved and memorialized like fossils in a rock. We talked to an expert about how your friends, family, and complete strangers will use the Internet to remember you long after you're gone. » 5/21/14 11:00am 5/21/14 11:00am

Game Of Thrones Has Killed Over 5,000 Characters, And Here's The Proof

Even ignoring the Red Wedding, I can't think of a deadlier TV show than Game of Thrones. Digg assembled this montage of every single death in the series so far, and the count comes to an unbelievable 5,179 — or over 172 deaths per episode. » 4/04/14 3:20pm 4/04/14 3:20pm

This Zombie Cologne May Just Save Us All

What do you think of when you hear the words "zombie cologne"? Probably that it's some kitschy perfume with a gross smell, likely to be given as a gag gift, made to capitalize on the zombie craze right? Understandable... but wrong. Now watch and learn if you want to live. » 3/25/14 4:40pm 3/25/14 4:40pm