Death Note Is Now A Musical, And Here Are The First English Songs

Because Death Note, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata hit manga about a teenager who is able to kill people by writing their names in a death god's notebook, has been adapted for just about every other medium, it's now becoming a musical. And some of the English-language songs are now online. » 2/27/15 2:40pm 2/27/15 2:40pm

Japan is turning the manga/anime/live-action movie series Death Note into a musical. The series, about a teen with a notebook that kills anyone whose name he writes in it, and the teen detective who tries to catch him, seems like an odd fit for a musical, but it also seemed like bizarre idea for a manga. So why not? » 7/31/14 4:30pm 7/31/14 4:30pm

Gus Van Sant May Direct The American Death Note Movie

While it hasn't been confirmed, The Tracking Board is reporting that Gus Van Sant has been chosen to direct the live-action U.S. adaptation of the hit anime/manga Death Note, stepping in after previously named director Shane Black left for the new Predator movie. » 7/10/14 6:23am 7/10/14 6:23am

Danger Dolls Teaser Has All the Schoolgirls-With-Swords Action You Need

Danger Dolls looks like this year's campiest Japanese exploitation movie, and we can't wait. Director Shusuke Kaneko (Death Note, Godzilla, Ghidora and Mothra) is bringing the sword-wielding schoolgirls and the evil cultists who want to blow up the world. Plus aliens! Update: Added full-length trailer! » 5/16/14 7:00pm 5/16/14 7:00pm

10 Ways to Make Everyone Root for Your Amoral Protagonist

One step beyond the anti-hero, there's the amoral or morally challenged main character. Sometimes, a protagonist is so dark, you can't even use the term "hero" to describe him or her. But how do you get your audience to root for a character who might throw an old lady under a bus? Here are 10 ways. » 10/15/13 10:04am 10/15/13 10:04am

Don't Remake These Movies, Film These Books Instead!

Hollywood's addiction to remakes and reboots continues unabated, with dozens of films in development. And meanwhile, bookshelves are straining with hundreds of original, thrilling novels that have never been adapted to the screen. Here's a second dose of our list of books that should be adapted instead of yet another… » 9/27/13 3:16pm 9/27/13 3:16pm

The 11 Most Evil Villains in Anime

Do you think Skeletor, the Joker, Megatron and Lex Luthor have the market cornered on evil? Not so fast. The world of manga and anime is just as full of villains as Western comics and cartoons are, and they’re no slouches in the murder and depravity departments. Here are 11 anime and manga villain you wouldn’t want to… » 8/28/13 12:00pm 8/28/13 12:00pm

What character are you embarrassed that you love?

We all have one: a character from an otherwise great piece of media who is obnoxious or horrible in some way. Is there a character that you don't usually admit to liking? Confess your terrible character love here. We'll understand. » 5/19/13 10:00am 5/19/13 10:00am

When an Ordinary Schmo Gets an All-Powerful Sidekick (And Still Can't…

By Amanda Yesilbas and Charlie Jane Anders. It's Monday, the day when we all recognize how powerless we are in the face of a cruel, unbending cosmos. But what if we could have a best friend with the power to reshape reality, or work miracles with the snap of a finger? Our lives would still suck, according to science… » 3/25/13 11:28am 3/25/13 11:28am

Is The World Ready For Warner Bros' American Death Note?

It's time for a whole new audience to become scared of smart boys writing in notebooks, as Japanese horror manga Death Note is heading for a American movie remake. Make sure no-one knows your name! » 5/02/09 8:00am 5/02/09 8:00am