15 Scifi Mockumentaries That Will Leave You Questioning Reality

Yes, we're still disappointed that we didn't get a World War Z mockumentary. After all, science fiction and horror lend themselves quite well to the faux-documentary format. So we're kicking back with 15 speculative mockumentaries, from a silly Star Wars lark to an earnest look at Britain on the eve of nuclear war. » 6/30/13 7:00am 6/30/13 7:00am

The Movie That Killed George W. Bush

This Election Day marks the symbolic end of the Bush administration, and some thought it would never come. That's why two years ago, a team of filmmakers decided to end Bush’s term prematurely with Death of a President » 11/04/08 2:06pm 11/04/08 2:06pm. The film has courted controversy for its depiction of Bush’s assassination, but what’s important is…