Why Tomorrow's Conservatives Will Reject The Death Penalty

Politicians going after Republican votes know from the polls that opposing capital punishment is a career-ending decision. But, a growing group of conservatives say it's time to reject a policy that they describe as an anti-life intrusion by big government. Is this the future of conservative politics? » 5/27/14 11:20am 5/27/14 11:20am

An Animated Map Tracking The History Of The Death Penalty In The US

Capital punishment is legal in 32 states in the US, and the primary method of execution in each of them is lethal injection. But that hasn't always been the case. » 5/02/14 4:40pm 5/02/14 4:40pm

Utah attorney general announces execution on Twitter

Today marked an evolution of sorts for Twitter. It's no longer just for following your favorite celebrity rants or for informing your followers you're having a ham sandwich or just took a shower. » 6/19/10 5:40pm 6/19/10 5:40pm