Death Star Owner's Manual will help you get it Fully Operational

No Bothans had to die, in order for you to get your hands on the plans to the Death Star from Star Wars. Instead, you can just buy the Imperial Death Star: Owner's Workshop Manual — published by Haynes, the same folks who did the Millennium Falcon owner's manual. We've got an exclusive sneak peek of this masterpiece. » 11/04/13 12:00pm 11/04/13 12:00pm

How much would a Death Star really cost?

To the disappointment of thousands who signed the petition, the Obama administration recently informed us that it has, and will have, no plans to build a Star-Wars-style death star. Now, there may indeed be good reasons to forgo this addition to the nation's defense, but the first one listed — that it would cost 850… » 1/28/13 8:11am 1/28/13 8:11am

The Galactic Empire Responds to the White House's Response to the Death…

Four days ago, President Obama shot down the dreams of the American people and told them in no uncertain terms that he would not be building a Death Star, despite the online petition with a whole 25,000 signatures politely requesting him to do so. Now, the Galactic Empire has given their response to the White House's… » 1/15/13 12:20pm 1/15/13 12:20pm

The Death Star makes everything cooler, even a dog's Cone of Shame

There's something inherently sad about those post-surgery Elizabethan collars (or as the dogs from Up call them, "The Cone of Shame"). One dog owner discovered there's one way to make even the Cone of Shame something to be proud of: put a Death Star on it. Now his pup Musha is ready to rule the Galaxy. » 10/28/12 8:30am 10/28/12 8:30am

In Love Wars, gay Stormtroopers chafe under Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Serving the Galactic Empire comes with some murky moral questions: Is the Rebel Alliance really a terrorist organization? Is political stability worth the destruction of an entire planet? Should I serve in a military that doesn't even teach me how to shoot properly? As the short film "Love Wars" reveals, those… » 1/15/12 7:30am 1/15/12 7:30am

A collection of Star Wars t-shirts that can serve as your entire…

Is that a bearded, lightsaber-wielding Han Solo?! You bet your ass it is. This t-shirt features early concept art drawn up by none other than legendary concept designer Ralph McQuarrie — the man behind much of the look and feel of the original Star Wars trilogy. This is just one of over 20 new Star Wars tees being… » 8/03/11 5:25pm 8/03/11 5:25pm

The Imperial Forces Overrun Home Of America's Liberal Elite

It's not just Lucasfilm's HQ in the Presidio district; io9's very own Annalee, Charlie and myself leave our hearts, as well as all of our other internal organs and all the rest of us, in San Francisco as well. But if you're wondering what it is about this particular city by the bay that's so particularly science… » 8/17/08 9:00am 8/17/08 9:00am