Top 10 Greatest Space Zombies Of All Time!

Zombies. They're your ultimate nightmare. But the only thing that's more intense than regular zombies? Is space zombies. Because zombies are automatically way more terrifying when there's noplace to run. Here are the 10 greatest space zombies of all time! » 9/01/13 10:00am 9/01/13 10:00am

Zombies Invade the Star Wars Movie Posters

Zombies invaded the Star Wars universe with Death Troopers, but there are still plenty of places the galaxy far, far away for the zombie infection to spread. Even the trilogy and prequel movies posters aren't safe from the zombie outbreak. » 12/08/09 12:00pm 12/08/09 12:00pm

Turns Out There's Something Darker Than The Dark Side

Having a zombie overload? You still might want to save some room for the "zombies in the Star Wars universe" book, Death Troopers, which came out last week. It turns out stormtroopers and zombies do mix. Spoilers below. » 10/26/09 5:00pm 10/26/09 5:00pm

Top 10 Greatest Space Zombies Of All Time!

Pandorum's space-zombie rampage was a huge letdown, but at least Zombieland reminded us how great zombies can be. Especially in space! Here's our list of the top 10 space zombies of all time. Possible spoilers ahead... » 10/12/09 3:06pm 10/12/09 3:06pm

Bloody Zombie Clones Fill The Star Wars Death Troopers Trailers

The publishing team behind Star Wars Death Troopers, by Joe Schreiber, held a contest to see which fans could come up with the scariest book trailer. The results were pretty fun and a little scary, even when made by tykes. » 10/07/09 12:43pm 10/07/09 12:43pm