Which Character Is Awesome In Both Their DC And Marvel Versions?

The two big comic companies have a ton of characters who basically occupy the same space. Two Kings of Atlantis. Two fast-running guys. A few stretchy guys. But which characters are equally awesome in either version? And which pair would you want to team up? » 5/19/14 2:05pm 5/19/14 2:05pm

All Oliver's Stupid Decisions Come to a Head on Arrow

Oliver Queen has many good qualities - strength, aim, the ability to seduce foxy evil ladies. But we all know that his brain is the equivalent of a bunch of earthworms tied in a knot, and he feels the consequences of that in this episode, entitled "Deathstroke." » 4/03/14 11:35am 4/03/14 11:35am

On Arrow the villain we've been waiting for arrives

At last, the villain we've been anticipating since he was just an Easter Egg on the first episode arrives. And he is not the way we pictured him. But he's slam bang in the middle of an episode with some good character moments, and an ending that leaves us wondering about my favorite couple. » 11/08/12 4:52pm 11/08/12 4:52pm

A preview of next week's issue of Deathstroke, guest-starring Lobo

Courtesy of DC Comics, here's an exclusive sneak peek at next week's issue of Deathstroke, which features the interstellar mercenary Lobo and ex-X-Force illustrator Rob Liefeld on artwork and scripts. This issue hits stores on Wednesday, July 11 — here's the rundown: » 7/06/12 9:30am 7/06/12 9:30am

10 Insanely Awkward Superhero Romantic Subplots

Superhero romance is a bit like unstable nitroglycerine, in that A.) it's very rarely handled well; and B.) it often blows up in everybody's face. Here are ten times your favorite crime-stoppers experienced relationship foibles mere mortals like you and I can barely comprehend. Remember when Superman made an adult… » 5/02/12 12:50pm 5/02/12 12:50pm

Smallville gives us a proposal, a funeral, and a battle with…

Because the show's going on holiday hiatus until January 28, Friday's Smallville — "Icarus" — pulled out all of the stops by cramming a half-dozen Very Important Events into 60 minutes. It wasn't exactly cogent storytelling, but it wasn't boring. » 12/13/10 9:45am 12/13/10 9:45am

Smallville gives us Saul Tigh as Deathstroke (and erotic waterboarding)

Friday's Smallville — "Patriot" — was a heaping platter of hammy political metaphors, illegally tortured beefcake, and Atlantean cheesecake. Also, Michael Hogan dons the eyepatch again as General Slade Wilson, and Aquaman blew up an oil rig a superhuman prison. » 11/21/10 6:00pm 11/21/10 6:00pm

A "Brightest Day" After The Green Lantern's "Blackest Night"

DC Comics' Blackest Night crossover has been a demented monster mash of superheroics and ravenous zombies. Sadly, it looks like DC's do-gooders will prevail over the undead when DC releases its newest mega-event – Brightest Day – this April. » 1/12/10 8:30am 1/12/10 8:30am

Find Out How J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Ends!

This morning's batch of spoilers includes yet another bunch of hints for the new Star Trek movie, which continues to sound more and more like a cheese-fest. There's also spoilers (and delusional theories) for Lost, new photos from Iron Man, and a behind-the-scenes video of the filming of X-Files 2. Click through to… » 2/22/08 6:00am 2/22/08 6:00am