True Blood's Baby Vampire Jessica Will Play Daredevil's Love Interest

Deborah Ann Woll's newbie vampire Jessica has been one of our favorite things about True Blood, but even though the series is ending, we won't have to go without her puppy dog eyes for long. Woll has landed the role of Karen Page on Netflix's Daredevil. » 7/17/14 12:05pm 7/17/14 12:05pm

True Blood's Jessica explains her recent bad behavior: "Our goal is to…

It's no great secret actress Deborah Ann Woll's character Jessica is one of our favorite True Blood characters. Except for when she's running around on her boyfriend Hoyt! So when we caught Woll on camera, we had to ask "What are you thinking?" » 8/05/11 12:30pm 8/05/11 12:30pm