Our brains can make fast decisions, and accurate decisions — but not at the same time

When it comes to making decisions on the fly, we sacrifice accuracy for speed. It's true for humans, and it's true for most other species — rapid fire answers are less likely to be correct. Called the speed-accuracy tradeoff (SAT), and while we know it's a thing, the scientific basis for it has been poorly understood.… »11/08/12 11:20am11/08/12 11:20am

Why you're probably not as rational as you think you are — and what you can do about it

When it comes to self-improvement, few people consider their reasoning skills. Most of us simply assume - and take for granted - that under most circumstances, we formulate perfectly rational opinions. But according to an emerging subculture of rationality gurus, there's still plenty of room for improvement. They… »11/02/12 2:00pm11/02/12 2:00pm