Here's A Thirty-Year History Of Getting Closer To Comets

Rosetta's lander Philae is warming up to land on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in just a few hours. It will be our first-ever attempt at touching down on a dirty chunk of ice in space. But how close have we gotten to a comet before? » 11/11/14 11:45am 11/11/14 11:45am

A comet made of marshmallow bunnies and chicks destroys the Earth in…

The best thing about this time of year isn't a little extra daylight in the evening or the blossoming of spring flowers; it's the endlessly inventive dioramas people make with those sugar-coated marshmallow treats known as Peeps. In this one, posted by redditor jostler57 on behalf of a friend, we witness the… » 3/14/13 12:40pm 3/14/13 12:40pm

The Statue of Liberty: Who destroyed it best?

The Statue of Liberty stands for American hopes and dreams, an emblem of both New York City and the American gateway. That's precisely why so many film directors and video game creators love to smash Lady Liberty to bits. But who do you think did the best job of damaging or destroying the Statue of Liberty? » 9/09/12 7:00am 9/09/12 7:00am

Stardust probe sifts through the remains of a collision between comet…

In 2005, NASA's Deep Impact probe shot an 800-pound subsidiary probe into the comet Tempel 1. Now, six years later, the new Stardust probe has returned to the comet to see our handiwork. But this isn't just about proving humanity can leave its mark anywhere in the cosmos - the artificially created crater kicked up… » 2/16/11 5:00pm 2/16/11 5:00pm

Bad Movie Physics: A Report Card

Space epics almost always play fast and loose with science, treating the laws of physics like suggestions. But some movies dismember Newton and Einstein with way more gusto than others. Here's our report card for bad science in 18 movies. » 12/28/10 12:30pm 12/28/10 12:30pm

By the way, we left out because there's so much of it, even if you just…

30 Awesome Disaster Movie Money Shots

Every great disaster movie has some moments of pure, epic destruction, where everything collapses, burns or blows up real good. Bonus points for destroyed landmarks and victim cameos. Here are 30 amazing money shots from the greatest disaster porn flicks. » 11/22/10 4:10pm 11/22/10 4:10pm

Sean Connery's chest hair vs. a rogue meteorite fragment — to the death!

Sean Connery, shirt unbuttoned halfway to his navel, plays chicken with a meteor fragment heading straight for his base, while Natalie Wood and Martin Landau watch. Will it strike before he can launch his missiles to destroy the big meteor? » 11/05/10 5:45pm 11/05/10 5:45pm

Spacecraft zooms in for a close look at the cold heart of a burning…

What you see here is the icy core of Comet Hartley 2, a flare of light at its back. NASA's EPOXI spacecraft captured this incredible image from 435 miles away early this morning. » 11/04/10 12:36pm 11/04/10 12:36pm

Which Movies Really Have The Best And Worst Science?

The debate over bad science in science-fiction movies has gotten a major new source of ammunition: Phil Plait, writing for Discover Magazine, has rounded up a fairly definitive list of the best and worst moments in movie science. » 1/23/10 3:00pm 1/23/10 3:00pm

Disaster Movie Moments That Pissed Us Off The Most

Sure, disaster movies are just empty calories of mass destruction — but even when you don't take them seriously, there are always some scenes that you just can't excuse. We've collected the most infuriating moments from the biggest disaster movies. » 11/12/09 4:20pm 11/12/09 4:20pm

Tracking Possible Doom from Above

With so much focus on corporate bailouts, climate change, and the threat of terrorism, one source of potential disaster has gone sorely neglected: asteroids. It's been ten years since Deep Impact » 9/26/08 12:00pm 9/26/08 12:00pm and taught us the dire consequences of an asteroid colliding with Earth, but experts say it's time to start taking…

TV This Week: Two Chances To See Eliza Dushku, Plus New Scifi Monsters

Doctor Who » 8/04/08 9:00am 8/04/08 9:00am is over and is taking a little break, but luckily British time-travel show hits our screens this weekend. In , scientists discover a rift in time in space that's letting prehistoric monsters rampage throughout the English countryside. Otherwise, it looks like we're in a slow period until the big fall…

I Love It When A Plan Totally Doesn't Come Together

Click to viewIt happens to the best dashing science fiction hero: You come up with a preternaturally clever plan to stop the bad guys, involving a totally cunning bit of MacGyvering or hustle... and it totally fails. Your super-gadget blows up. Or your allies flake. The bad guys turn out not to be total idiots. Or all… » 7/15/08 6:23pm 7/15/08 6:23pm

When Did Summer Become Science Fiction Overkill Season?

This summer will be the biggest "blockbuster" movie season ever, with no fewer than 23 would-be smash hits coming out between early May and mid-August. It didn't used to be this way. Back in the mists of time — like, say, in the late 1990s — there were only one or two big science fiction movies per summer, and only a… » 4/16/08 10:09am 4/16/08 10:09am

Bad Movie Physics: A Report Card

Click to view Space epics almost always play fast and loose with science, treating the laws of physics like suggestions. Sound in space, unprotected bodies splatting in vacuum, and alien planets that all look just like Calabasas. But some movies dismember Newton and Einstein with way more gusto than others. We rated… » 3/14/08 10:00am 3/14/08 10:00am