THIS Is How You Do A Science Fiction Show About Religion

One of my big worries for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles »11/04/08 5:30pm11/04/08 5:30pm has been the tendency to dip too far into religious allegory. But last night's episode, "Brothers of Nablus?" Totally converted me. I'm now a zealot for the Bible stories in the universe, thanks to Cameron's Old-Testament bloodthirstiness and the…

How Battlestar Copied (And Improved On) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Tonight's the last episode of Battlestar Galactica until the "first quarter of 2009" (which could mean March!), but don't go into withdrawal symptoms yet. There's an obscure 1990s show called Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which is currently in heavy rotation on Spike. It shares a lot of the same ideas and themes as BSG »6/13/08 8:21pm6/13/08 8:21pm

21 Ways To Eradicate Campiness From Science Fiction

Click to viewEver since the first cheesy monster or goofy robot leered out from the cover of a pulpy magazine, science fiction has struggled to shake off a certain tinge of campiness. No matter how hard creators may try to tell cool stories, that slightly ironic silliness is always lurking just outside the frame. And… »5/05/08 7:00pm5/05/08 7:00pm

Do Real-World Politics Affect Star Trek's Prime Directive?

The cardinal rule in the Star Trek universe is the Prime Directive, which forbids the super-advanced Federation from interfering with the development of less-advanced cultures. Of course every crew breaks it regularly, but some crews have broken it more than others. Since Star Trek often tries to make reference to… »3/28/08 2:12pm3/28/08 2:12pm