Halliburton admits it destroyed evidence after Gulf oil spill

Halliburton has plead guilty to destroying evidence in the investigation surrounding 2010's Gulf of Mexico Oil spill, the largest accidental oil spill in history. This case represents a major milestone in how the world understands environmental damage, and culpability for it. » 7/26/13 10:24am 7/26/13 10:24am

Surreal images of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, taken minutes after…

Over at Grist, Jess Zimmerman points to some rarely-seen photos of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform disaster. These were posted in a digital camera forum shortly after the disaster began to unfold, and were apparently taken by oilfield workers on the scene. They show what must have been the very first moments after… » 8/17/12 11:44am 8/17/12 11:44am

Why the Gulf oil spill is polluting our skies

The Gulf oil spill was an ecological disaster of unmitigated proportions — but some scientific good may come from it. As a side effect of this horrific incident, for the first time scientists have been able to observe how the oil becomes an aerosol, transferring from the sea to the air in an unspoiled environment. » 3/11/11 1:30pm 3/11/11 1:30pm

Bacteria ate up all the methane that spilled from the Deepwater Horizon…

All the methane that erupted in the Deepwater Horizon disaster has disappeared. What happened to it? One theory says it was eaten. » 1/10/11 2:38pm 1/10/11 2:38pm

Breaking Waves showcases the fury and fragility of the sea

Need a break from holiday commercialism? Want to send a much-needed gift to groups cleaning up one of 2010's worst disasters? Great! Check out Breaking Waves, an anthology featuring award-winning writers like Ursula K. Le Guin and Vonda McIntyre. » 12/26/10 10:45am 12/26/10 10:45am

What do we mean by "how much oil is left" in the Gulf?

Flip on the news and you'll see pundits a-go-go discussing the amount of oil left in the Gulf of Mexico. But how does one actually determine this amount? Diandra Leslie-Pelecky explores the fluidity of the figures and potential clean-up solutions. » 8/28/10 12:55pm 8/28/10 12:55pm

Scientific proof that the Deepwater oil plume is over 20 miles long

Today scientists revealed the results of an investigation into the severity of the Deepwater oil spill. The plume of petroleum hydrocarbon chemicals measures a staggering 22 miles long, and has settled in a deep underwater layer (see photo). » 8/19/10 1:38pm 8/19/10 1:38pm

BP well has been capped, and has stopped gushing oil

A new cap (pictured) was lowered into place Monday over BP's gushing oil well in the Gulf, and today was temporarily sealed. For the first time in three months, oil is not gushing into the ocean from this disaster. » 7/15/10 3:53pm 7/15/10 3:53pm

This one-year projection of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill will ruin…

Researchers at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa have created a simulation of the potential spread of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill over 360 days. Their hypothetical scenario? All sorts of bad. » 7/07/10 4:00pm 7/07/10 4:00pm

Damon Lindelof's fake movie for the BP oil spill is Armageddon 2. It…

Damon Lindelof recently wrote a blockbuster movie treatment for the Deepwater Horizon leak. His take? "We're gonna reverse-ARMAGEDDON this shit and call it a sequel." But wait! J.J. Abrams did Armageddon. Here's our idea of what Lindelof's script should resemble. » 6/15/10 11:42am 6/15/10 11:42am