Field Cameras Catch Deer Eating Birds—Wait, Why Do Deer Eat Birds?

Deer aren't the slim, graceful vegans we thought they were. Scientists using field cameras have caught deer preying on nestling song birds. And it's not just deer. Herbivores the world over may be supplementing their diets. » 3/04/15 12:40pm 3/04/15 12:40pm

Meet Afghanistan's Elusive, Endangered "Vampire" Deer

This is a male musk deer, knowing for growing fangs during the breeding season. A recent survey by the Wildlife Conservation Society confirmed that Kashmir musk deer, one of seven related Asian species, still live in Afghanistan's Nuristan Province, some 60 years after its last recorded sighting. » 10/31/14 6:25pm 10/31/14 6:25pm

Two Deer Stop Traffic On The Golden Gate Bridge, Prance Endearingly

Two deer managed to find their way onto the Golden Gate Bridge Friday, around the unfortunate hour of 5:30 pm. The pair held up rush-hour traffic for about thirty minutes as they made their way to safety, trit-trotting across the crowded bridge and into Marin. » 9/06/14 12:00pm 9/06/14 12:00pm

One of the most majestic anatomy illustrations we've ever seen

Kate Pfeilschiefter adds an illustrator's touch to the anatomy drawing she created for a biology class. There's a mystical touch to her noble stag, but the way she outlines the muscles only add to the creature's majesty. » 12/23/12 11:00am 12/23/12 11:00am