Tyra Banks Plans Tell-All On Twilight's Monsoon Of Fans

Still confused about all this crying and screaming mob nonsense surrounding the Twilight »11/12/08 2:09pm11/12/08 2:09pm movie? Don't worry — Tyra Banks is going to get to the bottom of it, by inviting the weeping fan masses onto her show. I can just see it now: Tyra Banks in all her "look at me, look at me" glamor parading little 13-year-olds…

Seth Green Spills All About His Directorial Debut, "The Freshmen"

From his role as the as the unflappable werewolf Oz on Buffy the Vampire Slayer »11/03/08 8:00pm11/03/08 8:00pm to his part in co-creating TV’s lo-fi nerd-satire , Seth Green has almost effortlessly amassed an adoring fanbase. The actor hopes to expand on that niche appeal with his first directorial effort for the big screen, an upcoming of his…

Seth Rogen's Fake Star Wars Porn Versus Actual Star Wars Porn [NSFW]

Will Zach and Miri Make A Porno »10/29/08 11:00am10/29/08 11:00am's "Star Whores" spoof skin-flick stand up against actual porn? We've collected the best porn from artistic porn site Cathouse and compared it with a few shots from the new Rogen comedy. On one hand, you've got Elizabeth Banks as Princess Leia, a dianoga dildo and little tubby Rogen…

What If Every Single Joel Silver Movie Took Place In The Same Universe?

Some movie producers are as identifiable as directors — just think of Jerry Bruckheimer and his splodey-boom school of film-making — and their oeuvre forms a coherent statement. One producer who doesn't get the props he deserves is Joel Silver, who's produced everything from the cheese-plattery Xanadu to the paranoiac »4/22/08 7:34pm4/22/08 7:34pm

Five Reasons to Watch Movies that Hurt You, Haunt You, and Make You Want to Vomit

Welcome back to Horrorhead, a column where we explore the intersection of horror and scifi. I wasn't born a horror movie fan, I made myself one through years of careful practice and studious watching. Everybody has an origin story, and mine begins with the pulsing, gooey strands of sludge that enveloped and destroyed… »4/16/08 2:19pm4/16/08 2:19pm

Why Battlestar Galactica is the Best Political Drama on TV

This exclusive new preview clip for Battlestar Galactica season 4 reminds us why the science fiction series' violent moral ambiguity has made it the most compelling political drama on TV. Sure the show is about humans fleeing for their lives from cyborgs in space, but it has a realistic, ripped-from-the-headlines… »3/19/08 5:15pm3/19/08 5:15pm