Defiance hosts three funerals and a wedding in a game-changing episode

The two major plots in tonight's Defiance include a boring wedding between two boring characters, and then the uncovering of an old murder in which you knew no main cast member was going to be implicated. It should have been rote. Instead, we get the biggest mind-fuck of Defiance’s first season. » 6/25/13 7:00am 6/25/13 7:00am

A few things do beat an astronaut, at least in Defiance

A frozen astronaut wakes up in the future? Sounds like an episode of countless ‘80s scifi shows (or, in the case of Buck Rogers, the whole premise). But whether Defiance’s “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” is a delightful homage or hackneyed retread, HOLY SHIT DID THE DUDE THAT PLAYED THE ASTRONAUT BLOW. » 6/11/13 8:20am 6/11/13 8:20am

Defiance may be turning into the great scifi series we were promised

Welcome to the episode “The Serpent’s Egg,” or, as I prefer to call it, “The Bad-Mistake Express and the World’s Worst Deputy.” But while my alternate title might be snarky, I have nothing but praise for another strong episode, one that indicates that Defiance may actually live up to Syfy’s — and our — great… » 5/14/13 12:00pm 5/14/13 12:00pm

Defiance just got one hell of a lot better

So when I told the Defiance showrunners to focus on characters instead of CG in last week’s recap? Clearly, they listened. And then went back in time and wrote and filmed “ A Well-Respected Man,” which was one hell of a good episode where every character featured got a moment to really, truly develop. You’re welcome,… » 5/07/13 8:00am 5/07/13 8:00am

When Defiance isn't copying other scifi series, it's enjoyably insane

Well. “The Devil in the Dark” summed up Defiance pretty well there, didn’t it? We have about 50% straight-up copying of basic tropes and specific scifi series, about 40% of nonsense bordering on stupidity, and then 10% of inspired weirdness that may be brilliant, but it’s so mired in everything else it’s tough to tell. » 4/30/13 7:00am 4/30/13 7:00am