Four brutal Game of Thrones deleted scenes show no mercy

The second season of Game of Thrones Blu-Ray and DVD collection has a bunch of hidden "dragon eggs" that when found, reveal a collection of never-before-seen deleted scenes from the series. And we can't believe these moments were cut. Watch how the Mother of Dragon's closest friends turned on her, and a dynamite… »2/20/13 10:30am2/20/13 10:30am

Watch all 17 minutes of deleted scenes from Amazing Spider-Man right here!

You might have heard that there's a ton of deleted scenes on the Amazing Spider-Man DVD, which include the whole subplot about Peter Parker's parents doing genetic experiments that led to his superpowers. Now, you can see for yourself. All 17 minutes of deleted scenes have popped up on Youtube, in DVD quality.… »10/30/12 2:38pm10/30/12 2:38pm

10 minutes of deleted Prometheus scenes reveal a whole crew of pissed off scientists

We've got a quick early look at six Prometheus deleted scenes from the upcoming DVD release, and the new clips have shown off a whole lotta pissed-off folks on the good ship Prometheus. Especially the character Holloway — what a dick! Check out 6 minutes of Holloway being a prize asshole and a whole bunch more… »9/10/12 3:56pm9/10/12 3:56pm

Prometheus' list of deleted scenes reveals an ending we never saw

The Blu-ray release of Ridley Scott's Prometheus is right around the corner — and while we can't wait to see the lovely scenes from Scott in glorious Blu-ray, we'd also like a few more answers. Thankfully a list of deleted scenes coming with the disc reveals there's a ton of extra material, that might offer up a bit… »8/15/12 3:41pm8/15/12 3:41pm