The Complete List Of Sources Avatar's Accused Of Ripping Off

Avatar finally ended its stretch as America's #1 movie, but people are continuing to point out sources that James Cameron borrowed from. It's become a national pastime, our version of Banshee-catching. We've rounded up 16 sources that Cameron allegedly nabbed. » 2/11/10 2:31pm 2/11/10 2:31pm

Delgo Creators Mulling Over Avatar Lawsuit

Since the release of the Avatar trailer last week, many across the Internet have noted certain parallels between the clips and the 2008 animated fantasy flop Delgo. These comparisons have not escaped Fathom Studios, the studio behind Delgo, which released a press release hinting at possible legal action: » 8/26/09 2:00pm 8/26/09 2:00pm