A Hilariously Ghastly Webcomic About A Guy Who Just Can't Kill Himself

Jimmy Yee, the protagonist of Jason Shiga's webcomic Demon, just wants to die, but he's stuck in a supernatural logic puzzle. Every time he tries to kill himself, he wakes up in his motel room unharmed with everything not quite how he left it. What's going on? And what will Jimmy do when he figures it out? »7/02/14 8:00pm7/02/14 8:00pm

In The Fox Sister, a Korean priestess hunts down the fox demon who stole her sister’s body

Thanksgiving may have put you knee-deep in family dysfunction, but at least your sister isn't a people-eating fox demon. In the webcomic The Fox Sister, a young girl witnesses the death of her entire family at the paws of a nine-tailed fox and seeks revenge on the demonic killer. The only catch? The fox is now wearing… »11/26/11 11:00am11/26/11 11:00am