Everything changes for DC's Medieval ass-kickers in Demon Knights #16 — and here's your first look!

Hundreds of years before Superman guarded the skies, a group of ageless fighters stood up against evil. DC Comics' Medieval team book Demon Knights features Etrigan, Vandal Savage and a host of other classic heroes kicking butt and engraving names. Issue #15 of the comic saw a massive showdown — and the departure of… »1/14/13 1:20pm1/14/13 1:20pm


In this exclusive preview of Demon Knights, Etrigan and Vandal Savage slay the heck out of dragons

We really dug the first issue of DC Comics' new rough-and-tumble fantasy series Demon Knights. Hence, we're psyched to debut an exclusive sneak peek of the second issue. In this preview, Paul Cornell pens Vandal Savage wrestling with scaly fauna. That's a platform I can get behind. »10/05/11 5:30pm10/05/11 5:30pm