Steampunk Spider-Man and his nemesis, Victorian-era Doctor Octopus

Steampunk superheroes are not an unfamiliar concept, but this particular batch was drafted by Italian artist Denis Medri — who was responsible for those delightful greaser Batman designs — so we'll give them a pass. Behold such villains as Kraven, the Green Goblin, and Doctor Octopus, who I presume is named "Professor… »7/06/12 5:55pm7/06/12 5:55pm

Meet the entire cast of 1950s greaser Batman's Gotham City

A wee while back, we featured Italian artist Denis Medri's designs for a rockabilly take on the Dark Knight. Since then, he's expanded his roster with some inspired 1950s Americana reinterpretations of Gotham's heroes and villains. His version of Two-Face — who is a "mix of Richie Cunningham and a Evil Fonz" — might… »5/18/12 5:15pm5/18/12 5:15pm