Space Travelers Face Their Deadliest (And Silliest) Foe Yet

A batch of space travelers awaken from their hypersleep and discover they're not alone on their ship. The memory-wiped Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster must now fight the most unlikely of space guests hunting their crew down in new scifi thriller Pandorum »10/17/08 2:00pm10/17/08 2:00pm. has the first two stills from , and it looks like a welcome return…

Implantable Wi-Fi network Invented, Dennis Quaid Flies Into Jealous Rage

It's been 21 years since Dennis Quaid pioneered the field of implantable communications technology by sending traveler's dispatches from inside Martin Short's body (and briefly Meg Ryan's too, hubba hubba!) in Innerspace. Now, Dennis, it seems you've been outdone. The UK's Office of Communications has just issued a … »5/08/08 12:30pm5/08/08 12:30pm