The Book Of Eli's Pages Are Stuck Together With Awesome Blood, Judging From The Trailer

The Book Of Eli, the Denzel Washington-starring post-apocalyptic movie, looks moody, lonesome and filled with rocket-launchers and samurai sword-fights, in its first official trailer. Denzel's honeyed voice, over scenes of desolation and mayhem... it's like I Am Legend done right. » 7/24/09 7:30am 7/24/09 7:30am

Gary Oldman's Blind Sex Prize is A Flashdancer

Jennifer Beals is joining the cast of the post apocalyptic thriller The Book Of Eli. Famous for her roles in Flashdance and as the sex addicted Bette Porter in The L Word, Beals should be able to keep up with heavy hitters Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman on set — at least we're hoping so, because I'd hate to get in… » 1/27/09 4:13pm 1/27/09 4:13pm

Gary Oldman To Fight Denzel Washington After The End Of The World

After civilization crumbles and almost all knowledge has been lost, at least people will retain the secrets of method acting, thanks to Gary Oldman. He's playing Denzel Washington's nemesis in the post-apocalyptic movie The Book Of Eli » 10/30/08 11:08am 10/30/08 11:08am. In the film, Washington plays a warrior who traverses the globe after a terrible…

Denzel Washington Saves The Earth By Reading To It

Working the whole knowledge-is-power angle, Denzel Washington is going to star as the man who saves a post apocalyptic world - with education - in Book of Eli » 9/05/08 10:49am 9/05/08 10:49am. Washington travels the world fighting and teaching from the sacred book. Strange that a movie about a destroyed civilization and a man fighting to save the…