I Paid a UX Expert $100 to Get Drunk and Evaluate Gizmodo's Design

It happened late on Tuesday night. Of course I was working. "Have you seen this?" my colleague Chris Mills texted. He followed up with the link to a site where a rather devilish-looking UX professional promised to get drunk and evaluate the website of your choice. Only $75! I knew I had to do it, and that Gizmodo… » 3/26/15 6:40pm Thursday 6:40pm

Hilarious TV Ads From The Dawn Of The Home Computer Era

The computer revolution didn't come into people's homes overnight. There was a long period when the public was still discovering all the things they could do if they owned a computer — and this led to some truly outrageous TV ads. Check out the most hilarious and creative classic home computer ads ever made. » 3/26/15 3:29pm Thursday 3:29pm

The First Brand Manager Was a 1st Century Roman Glassblower

Ennion made me. Those were the words molded on glass vases and jars that survived centuries of dust, change, and trauma all over the classical world. But who was Ennion? And how, in the early years of the world, did his glassware become so famous? » 3/25/15 3:30pm Wednesday 3:30pm

This Woodcut from 19th Century Japan Reveals Deep LOLcat History

This video is an animation based on a Japanese woodcut called "Popular Hotspring Spa (of Cats)." It's from 1880, but artist Utagawa Yoshifuji's imaginary world of spa cats looks like something that's unfolding at the intersection of LOLcat and internetville. » 3/23/15 1:20am 3/23/15 1:20am

These Structurally Absurd Homes Look Straight Out of Harry Potter

If you're a Potter fan who would've liked to see more impossible, Burrow-like homes in the movies, then you'll love the fantasy world of German designer Matthias Jung, whose surreal houses look like they ought to be kept hidden from our Muggle eyes. » 3/21/15 1:00pm 3/21/15 1:00pm

Illuminate Your Room With These Beautiful Kinetic Light Sculptures

Why would anybody want a regular lamp or other light source, when you can have these incredible neon sculptures instead? They're constantly in motion, and they use lights and patterns to transfix the eye. Here are the greatest kinetic sculptures made of dancing lights. » 3/17/15 3:01pm 3/17/15 3:01pm

Designing a Shadowless Skyscraper Isn't Magic, Just Good Science

The boom in skyscrapers is good for elevator manufacturers, but can be bad for residents who have to live in the shadow (literally or otherwise). Using computer-aided design and some seriously big mirrors, architects in London have come up with a plan to build a pair of skyscrapers with no shadow at all. » 3/15/15 10:03pm 3/15/15 10:03pm

These Hi-Tech Faucets Prove That The Future Is Coming To Our Bathrooms

Faucets already seem a bit like magic — you turn them on and the water flows right out. But these faucet designs add a bit more pizazz to conventional plumbing technology, letting us better control the flow and temperature of water. » 3/11/15 3:00pm 3/11/15 3:00pm

These Futuristic Churches Will Fill Even Non-Believers With Awe

Who says churches have to look like monuments to an ancient architectural style? The greatest religious buildings have always reflected the aspirations of the time they were built. And these gorgeously futuristic houses of worship are no exception. Here are some of the most gorgeous futuristic churches in the world. » 3/10/15 3:00pm 3/10/15 3:00pm

These Buildings Were All Built Around Trees

Oftentimes – too often, it seems – we clear trees to make way for buildings. These structures turn that expectation on its head; every entry in this collection has been built to accommodate a tree or trees, in surprising and creative ways. » 3/06/15 5:00pm 3/06/15 5:00pm

'Dog Kennel Of The Future' Is Even More Insane Than That Title Implies

Things the Samsung Dream Doghouse (a one-off, created for a contest giveaway in conjunction with England's Crufts dog show) contains: » 3/05/15 2:00pm 3/05/15 2:00pm

These Ingenious Buildings Were All Built Using Recycled Materials

Sometimes choosing to limit yourself to recycled materials can make your building more interesting. These buildings are made from a wide range of reclaimed materials, from concrete pipes and discarded doors to plastic bottles and bags. » 3/04/15 3:20pm 3/04/15 3:20pm

Classic Pokémon, Re-Imagined As Modern Day Company Brands

We've seen the Houses Great and Small of Game of Thrones become modern-day companies, but now it's the turn of classic Gen-1 Pokémon to get the slick modern logo treatment by design company Pictogram. » 3/02/15 5:00pm 3/02/15 5:00pm

Cars From Another Universe: Bizarre Motor Vehicles That Never Caught On

When it comes to motor vehicles, history is filled with curious also-rans. If the inventors of these contraptions had had their ways, our streets might be filled with single-wheeled cars, gas-fueled chariots, and armor-plated snowmobiles. » 3/02/15 3:00pm 3/02/15 3:00pm

These Incredible Bars Are Hidden Behind Secret Entrances

It isn't that hard to find these watering holes — provided you know where to look. Hidden behind vending machines, refrigerators, and even fake walls of kegs, there are some pretty neat places to grab a drink. » 2/28/15 10:45am 2/28/15 10:45am

This Spectacular Super Jet Will Be The Most Eco-Friendly Ever

Designer Oscar Viñals has sketched out the designs for a concept aircraft called the "Progress Eagle." The dramatic three deck, 800-seat super jet would utilize an advanced hybrid engine system for taking off and cruising, resulting in reduced noise and zero contaminant emissions. » 2/27/15 6:20am 2/27/15 6:20am

A Design Student Built a Batsuit That Will Actually Protect You

Jackson Gordon, an industrial design student at Philadelphia University built himself a combat suit in the style of Batman. While not bulletproof, Gordon says his design will protect against fists, bats, and machetes. » 2/25/15 1:30am 2/25/15 1:30am

These Brilliantly Colored Bolivian Buildings Look Like Alien Spaceships

These strangely decorated, brightly-colored buildings in El Alto, Bolivia, are the early examples of a new Bolivian architectural style, started after the election of President Evo Morales Ayma in 2006, when the national pride became more important than ever. Appropriately, they are called cohetillos — "spaceships." » 2/23/15 3:00pm 2/23/15 3:00pm

Gorgeous Banknotes Feature Flora, Fauna—And Skeletons Under UV Light

For her Master's project, graphic designer Barbara Bernát created a fictional currency she calls the Hungarian Euro. Instead of people or monuments, the obverse and reverse of Bernat's notes feature beautiful illustrations of European animals and plants; beneath UV light, the skeletal anatomies of the former become… » 2/23/15 12:10pm 2/23/15 12:10pm

How Disasters, Emergencies, and Survivalism Are Shaping Home Design

You peer warily out of the single window in your zombie-proof steel box. The street seems deserted—except for a lone figure who is staring at you from a distance. Is it 2079, in the years after the Great Drought Plague!? No, it's 2015 in Royal Oak, Michigan, and that zombie is a curious local Fox reporter. » 2/18/15 1:15pm 2/18/15 1:15pm