Minions Demonstrates How Slapstick Can Actually Reinforce The Status Quo

Minions is kind of a critic-proof movie. You pretty much already know what you’re getting from this film: one and a half hours of those walking twinkies from the Despicable Me Movies. Amusing antics! Nonsensical babble! Contrived situations! It feels like a direct-to-DVD movie, but it’ll make a billion dollars. »7/10/15 11:00am7/10/15 11:00am


Epic: This is what a good children's film looks like

Movies for kids generally exist in a zone of lowered expectations. Recycled sitcom jokes and microwaved pop culture references dot a paint-by-numbers story about rehashed characters. So it's refreshing to see a film like Epic, which actually packs a real story, along with some gorgeous imagery. Minor spoilers ahead... »5/24/13 12:07pm5/24/13 12:07pm

What’s happening to those twinkie minions in Despicable Me 2?

The first trailer for Despicable Me 2 just came out, and it's entirely focused on the best part of the first movie - those cute little twinkie henchmen. And it looks like something pretty gnarly is happening to them. Can Groo and his kids mount a rescue? In any case, this is mostly just reminding us how much fun the… »10/31/12 3:58pm10/31/12 3:58pm

Little yellow minions return to melt your hearts with song in the Despicable Me 2 trailer

The little one-eyed yellow minions are back, singing "Barbara Ann" and melting our hearts into a puddle on the floor. We love these little guys, and we loved Despicable Me, so we're supremely pleased to see them all together again in this little teaser trailer for the sequel. Both directors Pierre Coffin and Chris… »3/01/12 3:41pm3/01/12 3:41pm

We WILL see Breaking Dawn's birth scene. Plus crazy Superman rumors, Green Hornet action and Fringe set pics!

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