The 12 Greatest Fictional Detectives (Who Aren't Sherlock Holmes)

We all love Sherlock Holmes, but maybe by now we’ve loved him enough. There are many great detectives out there. If you’re looking for an eerily intelligent fictional detective who isn’t propping up a deerstalker hat, check out a list of the other best sleuths the world has to offer. » 7/16/15 10:10am 7/16/15 10:10am

Elementary Demonstrates the Right Way to Update a Classic Hero

Elementary has gotten some flak for being the "lesser" modern-day Sherlock Holmes. But now that its first season is over, we're realizing this show understands the Arthur Conan Doyle canon — it's just not afraid to ask questions. Here's why Elementary is the Sherlock Holmes we never knew we always needed. » 5/21/13 8:00am 5/21/13 8:00am