Detention director Joseph Kahn explains why genres need to die

Veteran music video director Joseph Kahn has created a film that challenges the limits of genre, to a degree that will make your head spin. But Detention isn't just aimed at randomly being meta or ironic, Kahn tells io9 — rather, he's hoping to reflect the reality of youth culture in the age of Twitter and Youtube. » 4/13/12 1:14pm 4/13/12 1:14pm

Scifi comedy Detention is like Community on bug juice

Imagine an unholy mashup of Heathers, Back to the Future, Donnie Darko, a Lady Gaga music video, Saw 4, and Thomas Pyncheon's postmodern novel The Crying of Lot 49. Then add in the fast-patter, pop-reference humor of Community. Now you are beginning to understand only one tiny part of the pleasing madness that drives… » 4/13/12 12:31pm 4/13/12 12:31pm

Peeta transforms into an insufferable high school hipster heart throb…

We've got a seriously amazing collection of indies and shorts in this Sunday's Cult Movie Worship. Check out the latest trailer for Joseph Kahn's frenetic movie equivalent of a turducken, Detention, and see if you can point out every single movie cliché stuffed inside the next. Plus, we've got zombie-killing babies, a… » 4/01/12 4:30pm 4/01/12 4:30pm

First trailer from Joseph Kahn's Detention shows off the new…

The director behind our favorite Lady Gaga and Britney Spears music videos has finally released the trailer to his insane time-traveling, spaceship-flying slasher flick Detention. Watch as the serial killer "Cinderhella" thins out the High School herd. » 3/02/11 12:00pm 3/02/11 12:00pm