Detroit's Under-Funded Fire Departments Use a Soda Can For a Fire Alarm

Where absent money leaves gaps, ingenuity fills in. Nowhere is that more true than in Detroit's fire departments, where, as Detroit Free Press reporter Tresa Baldas shows us, a soda can full of jangling coins and screws alerts the Motor City's long-suffering heroes when there's an emergency. »9/06/14 6:08pm9/06/14 6:08pm

Composite photos show a Detroit school before and after it was abandoned

Urban exploration photos often give us a sense that these crumbling, abandoned buildings are still haunted by the people who once walked their halls. This series of "Now & Then" photos from DetroitUrbex go a step further, contrasting photos of the abandoned Lewis Cass Technical High School with photos of its days as a… »12/15/12 5:00pm12/15/12 5:00pm

Crowdfund Cthulhu tiki mugs, a classroom-based RPG, and a documentary about Detroit

Cthulhu and cuteness are vying for your crowdfunding dollars this week, with unholy tiki mugs, an adorable collection of comics featuring Metroid's Samus, and a charming video game about a girl with time-traveling goggles. There's also a system for turning school into a role-playing game and a documentary about the… »6/03/12 3:15pm6/03/12 3:15pm

Detroit plans to shrink by leaving half the city in the dark

Detroit's population is shrinking. The city boasts 60% fewer residents today than it did in 1950, and, as we've seen, many of its grand buildings have been left to rot. Now Detroit Mayor Dave Bing wants to concentrate the population in a smaller area by reducing the number of streetlights and leaving nearly half the… »5/26/12 4:00pm5/26/12 4:00pm

In The Future, We Won't Recognize Detroit, Says New Robocop Director

Darren Aronofsky has started dropping hints about his Robocop »9/09/08 11:40am9/09/08 11:40am reboot to reporters - and they're very, very obscure indeed. How obscure, you may ask? Well, about as obscure as you could get without resorting to speaking in tongues about minor pieces of production design. When reporters asked Aronofsky whether the new…