"Virgin Births" Won't Save The Smalltooth Sawfish From Extinction

The critically endangered smalltooth sawfish was recently found to be capable of asexual reproduction. It’s an exciting discovery for many reasons, but breathless claims by the media that sawfish could save their species from extinction by resorting to virgin births are wrong, wrong, wrong. Let’s explore why. »6/18/15 3:40pm6/18/15 3:40pm

Brick director Rian Johnson will start filming his time-travel movie in January

Great news! Production Weekly tweeted that Looper, the time travel thriller from Brick director Rian Johnson, starts filming in January. This movie takes place in a dark near future, when time travel hasn't been invented yet but soon will be. And criminals send people back in time from 20 or 30 years in the future,… »8/13/10 10:26am8/13/10 10:26am