Remember When Dreams Could Be Reached For The Price Of A Quarter?

The coin-operated kiddie ride. Once the delight of children, now they are increasingly relegated to nostalgic memory. As they should be. Everyone remembers the sheer pleasure you got as a wee child, when your parents handed you a quarter, and you were able to climb aboard and set off in a grand adventure.… » 2/13/15 4:59pm 2/13/15 4:59pm

Vladislav Ociacia's Robot Renders Are Works Of Art

Be still my robotic heart! The level of detail is astounding and makes the renders look more like production models than concept art. The robotic organs are a fantastic concept and give the robots a sort of macabre humanity. The next sci-fi blockbuster needs make use of these robot designs. » 1/20/15 1:21pm 1/20/15 1:21pm

Even cats have to deal with a zombie apocalypse

Or as the artist calls it, "zombie catocalypse." Cats + zombies is an instant winner in my book. The fact that the art looks fantastic is a delightful bonus. » 6/30/13 1:27pm 6/30/13 1:27pm

Deviant Focus: Capturing the romance of space exploration

This week's Focus is on famed cover painter, Alan Gutierrez. "Capturing the romance of space exploration" is how he defines his work, and that's a perfect description. Alan's work has been featured on the covers of magazines, books, games, and on display in galleries. His work even appeared many years ago here on io9. » 6/11/13 4:01pm 6/11/13 4:01pm

More than meets the eye, Daleks in disguise

Deviant Focus: The Fantastic Colors of Carlos Lerma

This week's Focus is on the amazing Carlos Lerma. His use of color is just fantastic. You should definitely check out the rest of his gallery on DeviantArt or visit his gallery on Behance. It's all brilliant. » 6/03/13 3:49pm 6/03/13 3:49pm